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Ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi

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Ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi

Laozi, formerly known as Li Er, was born in China Zhou Dynasty Spring and Autumn Period, about born in 571 BC, died in 471 BC. He is a great thinker of ancient China, a philosopher, founder of Taoist school. Laozi is one of the world's cultural celebrities and one of the world's hundreds of historical celebrities. The works of this world are "Tao Te Ching", whose core essence is simple dialectics, Laozi is also the founder of the Taoist sect.

Laozi tried to build a theory that encompassed the universe. Laozi thinks that everything follows the law: the interior of the thing itself is not a single, static, but relatively complex and changing. The thing itself is the unity of the positive and the negative. Mutual opposition things will be transformed into each other, that is, positive and negative conversion. Laozi's "inaction" is not for "for nothing" for the purpose, but to "promising" for the purpose. Because according to the previously mentioned theory, "inaction" will be transformed into "promising".

Laozi gives us a revelation: why is it painful to deliberately achieve the purpose? Inaction, Happy is also a way of life. Laozi's cosmology is that "no" and "yes" will transform each other. So he thinks that the universe is from nothingness, but also to nothingness.

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