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Japanese sashimi

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Japanese sashimi

It is the most famous sashimi in Japanese cuisine, and it is a masterpiece of Japanese cuisine. In the early days it was made by the chef surgeon, it seemed a bit mysterious. In fact, as long as you know the sashimi of the election materials, knife workers, plate, taste and other basic processes, making sashimi is not difficult.

The raw material for making sashimi is more extensive, but it is based on deep-sea fish and other seafood. Such as fish, including salmon, swordfish, bass, tuna, etc .; crustaceans are sea urchin shrimp, lobster, etc .; shellfish are abalone, oysters, red shellfish, Sashimi choice of materials is very strict, should ensure that the raw materials of fresh, clean, non-polluting.

Processing sashimi is pay attention to it, it should be flexible control of the knife. But no matter what kind of knife, must be the top knife cut, and the knife and raw materials to be 90 ° angle. For example, take a piece of non-spur, skinless salmon meat, flat on the chopping block, left hand hold down the fish, right hand knife vertical down, the top knife to cut a piece of fish. Note that cut fish can not be cut in half when the knife back to ensure that the fillet tidy, smooth, beautiful. Standard sashimi is about 3 mm thick, and the weight of each tablet is between 8 and 10 grams.

Beautiful shape is a major feature of sashimi, it is particularly important to install this process. Sashimi are mostly semi-circular, boat-shaped or fan-shaped tableware, accessories, including fresh coriander, basil leaves, mint leaves, seaweed, chrysanthemum, cucumber flowers, ginger slices, fine radish, acid and so on. These accessories can be used for embellishment, but also remove the fishy taste, increase the role of appetite. For example, first in the dish covered with basil leaves or lettuce leaves, and then cut the salmon fillets to 5 to 7 as a group, placed in the basil leaves, next to the fine radish, coriander, cucumber flowers Scattered patchwork, giving a refreshing feeling.

Green mustard and Japanese condensed soy sauce is the main seasoning of raw fish, commonly used green mustard is divided into powder and paste. Powdery mustard is prepared by mixing mustard with water in a 1: 2 ratio and then sealing for 3 minutes. When it produces a unique stimulus to the spicy flavor, it must be contained in the dish. Paste mustard is finished, can be used directly into the dish.

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