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Plants vs. Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies

"Zombies" is a puzzle game developed by PopCap Games, which was released on May 5, 2009. Players by armed a variety of plants to switch between different functions, quickly and effectively blocked the zombies on the road to the invasion. Different enemies, different games constitute five different game modes, coupled with the night, fog and swimming pool like obstacles to increase the game challenge.

"Zombies" is a very strategic game. Terrible zombies are about to invade, and each zombie has different characteristics, such as iron bucket zombie has a strong ability to fight, miners zombie can dig around the planted on the surface of the soil plant. The way a player defends a zombie is to plant a plant. 49 kinds of plants each have different functions, such as cherry bombs can be around with a certain range of all zombies die, and piranha can eat the closest to their own zombie. Players can be different for the zombie weakness, to plant a reasonable plant, which is the victory of the trick. The game is divided into five game modes according to the different ways: adventure, survival, vase broken, small game, garden.

"Zombies" integrates real-time strategy, tower defense and card collection and other elements, players control plants to resist zombie attack, protect this botanical garden. The game can choose more than 40 kinds of plants, and each scene can only use up to 10 kinds of plants, which requires players according to their own game strategy to make a choice. Because it successfully draws on some of the elements of the strategic game-the collection of resources and the use of resources to build other units, some players even take the interstellar strategy to apply to this game to explain when the game needs to develop "economy" And when to develop "strength".

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