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Modern musician Yanni

Modern musician Yanni (Picture 1)


Yanni, born November 14, 1954 in Kalamata, Greece, American musician. The world famous new century music composer and performer; he is more inclined to call his music for modern instrumental music. Yanni graduated from the University of Minnesota. Because of his love of music, after graduation took the music road. In 1980, he recorded the first album Optimystique, has released more than ten albums, his work in the past decade has been the Olympic Games radio music favorite. He has performed concerts at the Athens Athenian Temple in Athens, the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City of China, the Albert Hall in London, Las Vegas, and the Mollo Castle in Puerto Rico.

Initially, Yanni was determined to become a clinical psychologist, at the age of 18, he was a University of Minnesota received, moved to the United States and majoring in psychology. However, after graduation Yanni has chosen his favorite music career. "I decided to try for a year, and I took part in a rock band called Chameleon and performed in some nightclubs, and I never felt that life was so pleasing for the whole year. In this way, I found something worthy of my life to do." Yanni concentrate on music, from which to feel very satisfied, although success seems very far away. "It took me a long time to succeed, and although it was difficult to maintain my livelihood, I did not care, because creation was a very happy thing, and the process of creation was one of the greatest pleasures of my life."

In 1980, Yanni released the first album Optimystique, although it did not cause much impact, but has begun to establish his personal style of the prototype. Until the second album in 1986, "Keys to Imagination", Yanni was a blockbuster. Throughout the 1980s-90 years, he has been active, each album is good level. 1992 "Dare To Dream" and 1993 "In My Time" have won the Grammy Award nomination. In 1994, the Acropolis concert will push Yanni's music career to the top of the world, with more than seven million sales in the world, the second highest in the history of PBS. The record of these champions is enough to explain his new century music industry irreplaceable important position. In addition to the Acropolis, Yanni has also won a great success in concerts such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City in China, and other world monuments.

Yanni is one of the new century musicians touched by many people. Everyone has always liked Yanni's music, except for the smooth melody and the freedom of the arranger, but also because of which filled with the spirit of optimism, surging passion and strong appeal. As a unique way of creating musicians, Yanni do not want to be included in any genre, he created his own music trend. He is good at using electronic synthesis technology to classical music, with a modern perspective to do re-interpretation. In the busy noisy fast-paced life, stole half a day to listen to Yanni's music, may be able to find a long absence of the relaxed and leisure. Yanni for the promotion of the new century music, played an invaluable positive role.

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