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Bailee, full name Edison Alantas Douneshendo, born on October 23, 1940 in Brazil, former Brazilian football players, and the duty striker. Beiler is widely regarded as the best player of 50-60 generations of football, and is known as "O Royal King" and "Black Pearl". A total of 1366 games appeared in the career, and the number of 1283 balls (including friendly competition, charity, showcasses) was loaded into the Guinness World Record.

On October 23, 1940, Baile was born in a poor family in the town of Brazil Trecos, Bailey father Donnedio is also a famous player, but has not succeeded, and the income is low, the mother does not want shell Listed to the father's way, but Beiler's hobbies, 10 years old, Bailey and partners, "September 7 Street Club", mainly playing in the streets of Xiaowei, while also relying on wiping shoes to make money At the age of 11, Brazil's foreigners were Valdmar Debrürdo found Baile's football talent. Later, Bailei brought Baileow to Baru's competitive youth team, Bailei kicked three years in the team. Later Brito also brought Bailee to the Santos team.

In 1956, Bailey was starting career in Santos team. During the 2nd South American People's Cup champion, 2 Intercontinental Cup champions, 6 Brazil National Championships, 11 Sao Paulo Football League Championship. In 1957, Baile was selected into the Brazilian national team, and he scored 77 goals on behalf of the Brazilian team, won the 1958, 1962, 1970 Sixth World Cup champion, for Brazil, and reserved the Lemit Cup for Brazil. It is the only three World Cup. Champion player. In July 1971, Bailea announced to withdraw from the Brazil, October 1974, Bell retired. In 1975, he returned in the New York City Football Club in the United States. In 1977, he won the championship in 1977, and finally decided in October in October.

In 1980, Beiler was rated as "the best athlete in the 20th century by the French" team ", and was rated as" the best athlete at the International Olympic Committee "by the International Olympic Committee. In 2000, the first Lawrence Lifelong achievement In 2001 and the king Maradona was rated as "20th century" best player ", the" French football "organized 30 Golden Globe winners, and" French football "organized. Times Weekly is included in the most influential 100 people in the 20th century. In 2012, Bailey was awarded the title of "The Best Player" in History by the Golden Pupil. In 2013, he received the first honorary Golden Globe Award.

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