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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (Picture 1)


Alexander the Great (356 BC - 323 BC), the king of the Kingdom of Macedonia, a famous military strategist and politician in the history of the world. He is the head of the four greatest military commanders in European history (Alexander the Great, Hannibal Baka, Caesar, Napoleon). He once studied under the famous Greek scholar Aristotle, and unified his entire country with his male talents, and then swept the Middle East, occupied the whole territory of Egypt without a single soldier, slammed the Persian Empire, and marched to the Indus River. The basin, the world's four ancient civilizations occupy the third. Conquer the entire territory of about 5 million square kilometers.

On July 20, 356 BC, Alexander was born in Pella, the capital of Macedonia. The growth of Alexander in Macedonia was influenced by Homer "Iliad" and its characters Achilles and legendary Hercules. When Alexander was a child, Philip II hired the Greek philosopher Aristotle to be his mentor with other Macedonian aristocrats in Miezza. Plutarch recorded that in 344 BC, 12-year-old Alexander saw a horse that was considered untamed by others and was named Busifalas. He only gently said a few words to the horse and successfully tamed the horse.

The 20-year-old Alexander was elected as the new king by Antippart, the minister and diplomat of the Macedonian army. Alexandria unified the entire territory of Greece, and then swept the Middle East, occupying the entire territory of Egypt without a single pawn, slamming the Persian Empire, and the army opened to the Indus Valley. The Alexandrian Empire in 323 BC was the largest country in the world at that time, surpassing the total territory of the Eastern Warring States. In just 13 years, Alexander the Great has created a brilliant performance of the ancients. He promoted the prosperity and development of ancient Greek culture and the exchange and economy of Eastern and Western cultures, integrated Eastern and Western cultures, and encouraged inter-ethnic marriage and advocated equality among nations. It has had a major impact on the progress of human society and culture. His expedition made the ancient Greek civilization widely spread.

Alexander wants the Persians to form equal partners with the Greeks and Macedonians. In order to realize this plan, he organized a large number of Persian troops into his own troops, and also held a grand "East-West Union" banquet for this purpose. At the banquet, thousands of Macedonian soldiers formally married with Asian women. Although he himself was married to an Asian princess, this time he married a daughter of Dalylis. Apparently Alexander tried to use this adapted army to carry out conquests. We know that he intends to invade the Arabs, perhaps intending to invade India again or conquer Rome, Carthage and the Western Mediterranean. But no matter what his calculations, the results of further conquests failed. At the beginning of June 323 BC, Alexander suddenly fell ill in Babylon and died ten days later. At the time, he was still under 33 years old.

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