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US military commander George Smith Barton

US military commander George Smith Barton (Picture 1)


George Smith Barton (November 11, 1885 - December 21, 1945), the US Army four-star general, is the second world war in the famous US military commander.

Barton was born in the United States south of California, Santa Marino city of a military family, in 1909 graduated from West Point. Barton is famous for his bravery and quick offense, and he has made an illustrious military exploits in the Second World War.

Barton combat brave and tenacious, command decisive, full of offensive spirit, he is good at playing armor advantage to implement rapid maneuver and long-range raid, was subordinates called "blood timid veteran" ; and the same mouth curse words, bold and pungent in the battlefield Five-star Admiral Halsey, Barton is really bold and careful. Patton made a reform so far still affect the US military, that is, the army priest on Sunday to preach not more than 15 minutes.

Eisenhower concludes Barton that he has an "extraordinary and brutal driving force". If his column could not move forward because of the enemy's minefield, Barton, like the Rommel in North Africa, personally crossed the fleet and the tank fleet that had stopped and walked through the enemy's minefield, In order to inspire his troops. He is convinced that the fate of God is not let him fall.

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