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Chinese Han Dynasty hero Wei Qing

Chinese Han Dynasty hero Wei Qing (Picture 1)


Wei Qing (58 BC - 106 BC), was born in China's Hedong Pingyang (now Shanxi Linfen City). The famous generals of the Western Han Dynasty. Wei Qing's first expedition is to attack the Dragon City, opened the Han and Huns war victory of the prelude, he had seven times to participate in the war and seven victories, recovered the He Shuo area, Hetao area, defeated the Huns generals, for the northern part of China Territorial development, Wei Qing made a significant contribution.

In the spring of 119 BC, the emperor of the emperor with hundreds of thousands of horsemen and five hundred thousand infantry as a logistics supply corps, granted Wei Qing general and Huo Qubing each led the fifty thousand cavalry, infantry and transport supplies more than 100,000 troops, Attack the Huns. Wei Qing army march more than a thousand miles, he met with the main force of the Huns.

At this point the sun will fall, blowing winds, sand and gravel hit people's faces, the two armies can not see each other, Wei Qing command left and right part of the army surrounded the Huns army. Huns generals to see the number of troops in the Han Dynasty is very much, and the soldiers and horses are still very strong, if the war is detrimental to the Huns. So, in the evening with about a few hundred strong cavalry, escaped the Han's encirclement. Wei Qing arrived in the mountains of Zhao Xincheng, get the Huns accumulated food for military consumption.

This is the so-called desert north of the war, it defeated the main force of the Huns. Huns gradually migrate to the northwest direction, more than ten years no fighting ability. And Han loss is also great, set off the 14 million horses only three thousand horses left.

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