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Japanese actor Kitagawa Keiko

Japanese actor Kitagawa Keiko (Picture 1)


Kitagawa Keiko, a Japanese actress. Born on August 22, 1986 in Sumao, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, she is affiliated with Stardust Promotion. Graduated from the Meiji University Business School in Japan. Her husband is a Japanese singer and entertainer DAIGO. Her grandfather was former Japanese Prime Minister Takeshita.

In 2003, Kitagawa Keiko became the exclusive model of "Seventeen". In the same year, with the TV series "Sailor Moon" in the corner of the fire, she officially debut as an actress. In May 2006, she starred in the movie "Miyaji Brothers", this is her first time in a movie. In June of the same year, she starred in the American action movie "Speed ​​and Passion 3: Tokyo Drift", playing Reiko. In September, Beichuan, 20, officially left the "Seventeen" magazine.

In October 2007, Kitagawa Keiko starred in the first TV series "The Rag Girl", which won the 55th Japan Drama Academy Special Award. In July 2008, she was the heroine of Fuji TV's Yuejiu drama for the first time, and starred in the TV series "The Sun and the Sea Classroom." In July 2009, she participated in the TV series "Zero Second Shot" starring Yamashita Tomohisa, who played the actor's lover, Bai Helizi. On October 18th, 2011, she collaborated with Sakurai Sho, starring in the TV drama "The reasoning is after dinner", playing the role of Baosheng Lizi.

In July 2014, Kitagawa Keiko starred in the legal genre drama "Legal Hero 2" starring Kimura Takuya, and played the role of numb Qianjia. In July 2016, she starred in the WOWOW TV series "Woman Selling a House", playing the real estate agent Sanxuanjia Wanzhi. In January 2017, she participated in the novel of the same name, which was adapted from the writer Kurokawa Bosuke, and won the straight-wood novel "Break the door: the epidemic of the two people", playing the cousin of the second house. In 2018, she starred in the NHK drama "Xixiang Temple". In January 2019, she starred in the TV series "The Counterattack of a Woman Selling a House."

In Japan's "the 9th woman's choice of the most wanted face" list, Kitagawa Keiko won the first place. This is also the first time that Kitagawa Keiko has been at the top of the list for three consecutive years. As a symbol of Japanese beauty, her unassailable position as a rock is visible. Kitagawa Keiko is widely loved by women of all ages in Japan and has become the "goddess" in their minds.

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