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Chinese star Liu Dehua

Chinese star Liu Dehua (Picture 1)


Andy Lau, born in Hong Kong, China on September 27, 1961, is an actor, singer, lyrics writer, and producer. Andy Lau is one of the representatives of the development of Chinese entertainment industry film, video and song; Andy Lau has left many masterpieces in TV, film, music and other aspects. Andy Lau integrates the positive energy qualities of perseverance, conscientiousness, and perseverance, and can be regarded as a model of entertainers in the entertainment industry. He founded the Andy Lau Charity Foundation in 1994. In 2000, he was named one of the top ten outstanding youths in the world. In 2008, he was appointed as a non-official justice of the peace in Hong Kong. In 2016, he was re-elected as the vice chairman of the China Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation.

Andy Lau was born in the New Territories of Hong Kong and ranked fourth in the family. When he was a child, he moved with his family to the wooden house area in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, and helped the family with the porridge business together with his siblings. In 1973, Andy Lau moved with his family to the 14th floor of Block 15, Lantian Village, Hong Kong. After graduating from Wong Tai Sin Catholic Primary School, Andy Lau was promoted to Ke Li Secondary School. While studying in Keli Middle School, Andy Lau actively participated in the performances of the school drama club on campus, learning drama knowledge under the guidance of teacher Du Guowei. In addition, he is also involved in behind-the-scenes productions including screenwriters. After the first semester of Form 6, he went to the Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.'s artist training class to train, and thus began his career in acting. In 1986, Andy Lau met Zhu Liqian when he went to Kuala Lumpur with the Hong Kong star football team.

Andy Lau is one of the representatives of the development of the Chinese entertainment industry in film, video, and song; he has left numerous masterpieces in television, film, and music. As an actor, he is a superstar in the Chinese film scene. He is committed to the development of the film industry and has contributed a lot. In the 1980s, he came from the grass-roots class to fit the intimacy of Hong Kong movies. After that, he continued to seek transformation and breakthroughs. His performances in films such as "Dark War" and "Infernal Affairs" fully demonstrated his ability to control characters and his acting skills to mature trajectory. Andy Lau's performance style is clean and quiet. He seldom expresses fiery emotions through exaggerated expressions and actions; instead, he chooses to use lines and demeanor to complete the characterization.

As a singer, Andy Lau is a representative figure in the Chinese showbiz and excellent songs. His unique and mellow voice is unique in the music scene, and his singing voice is also called "Liu-style love song" by the outside world. With his signature vibrato singing, he sang many golden tunes such as "Wang Qingshui" and "It's not sin for a man to cry". Andy Lau's music style also implements his positive, healthy, and enterprising image; from "the dream that I and I chase" to "the fate of the next life", from "thank you for your love" to "the true love is hard to get", a Liu-style love song Has become synonymous with Hong Kong-style love songs.

In 1991, there was a flood in East China, and Andy Lau donated 5 million to the disaster area. In 1994, the Andy Lau Charity Foundation was established to help poor children and the disabled. On September 24, 1999, participated in the "Extend Your Hand, Donation for the September 21 Earthquake" party, and raised 30 million yuan in donations through singing the song "The Moon Represents My Heart" with Anita Mui and Jacky Cheung. On May 13, 2008, Andy Lau donated 100,000 yuan to the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area; the earthquake relief and care campaign launched afterwards raised nearly 39 million Hong Kong dollars, and personally wrote a word of "commitment" as a relief song; April 2010, Andy Lau participated in " Drought Relief-We Are in Action" disaster relief party raised 280 million yuan, and Andy Lau personally donated 200,000 yuan; in April of the same year, Yushu was hit by an earthquake, and Andy Lau participated in the "Love Yushu-Caring Action" disaster relief performance after publishing a short article. A donation of 35.06 million Hong Kong dollars was raised for the disaster-stricken area on the spot.

Andy Lau integrates the positive energy qualities of perseverance, conscientiousness, and perseverance, and can be regarded as a model of entertainers in the entertainment industry. From a niche in the early days of his career to an all-round artist after he became famous, Andy Lau's life track reflects the down-to-earth pioneering spirit of a generation of Hong Kong people. His cheerful and enthusiasm, treats others equally and politely, coupled with his ability to put himself in the shoes of others, so his reputation and popularity in the show business are very good. Andy Lau is a recognized model worker in the entertainment industry. His diligence and dedication are well-known in the industry. However, what is more commendable is his love and kindness. From the Southeast Asian tsunami to disaster relief activities in mainland China, Andy Lau has always actively participated in them, and his image is like a charity ambassador.

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