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Park Min Young, born in Seoul on March 4, 1986, is a Korean actress and model. Graduated from the Department of Drama and Film at Dongguk University, and lived in Pennsylvania, USA in junior high school. Park Minying, from an ordinary female college student acting, has successively become a contract artist of SidusHQ and KingKong, a famous Korean economic company. She went from knowing nothing, to progressing quickly and freely on stage, until she won the title of Best Actress in the KBS Acting Awards for the role of Kim Yun-hee in the hit drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal". She has become the new favorite of the advertising industry.

In 2006, Park Min Young made his official debut in the sitcom "The Unstoppable HighKick". In 2007, she won the KBS Acting Awards for Best New Actress for the romantic comedy "I am a teacher". In 2010, she was well-known to the audience for her starring role in the costume drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", and won the KBS Acting Award for Female Excellent Acting in a medium-length TV drama for this drama. In May 2011, she starred in the romantic action drama "City Hunter" which attracted wide attention at home and abroad; in November, she starred in the urban inspirational drama "Glorious in Benevolence".

In 2012, Park Minying starred in the drama "Benevolent Medicine". In April 2014, she starred in the legal and political drama "Reform and Relocation"; in December, she won the KBS Acting Awards for Female Excellent Acting in a medium-length TV drama for her love suspense drama "Healer". In 2015, she starred in the suspense drama "Remember-Son's War", the ratings exceeded 20%. In 2017, she starred in the costume drama "Princess of Seven Days" and officially signed with NamooActors. In 2018, she starred in the new TVN TV series "Why is Secretary Kim Like That".

Park Min Young is a beautiful and charming actor who has performed well in many works. Park Min Young is loved by the audience. With her beautiful appearance and high popularity, she is favored by advertisers. She is not satisfied with a single style, nor is she willing to be an accessory to the role. While gaining popularity, she has not neglected her acting skills and constantly challenges different types of works, which is highly anticipated by the audience.

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