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British actor Jason Statham

British actor Jason Statham (Picture 1)


Jason Statham, born July 26, 1967 in London, England, British film and television actor. He studied Wing Chun, Karate and Taekwondo in his early years. In 1992, Jason Statham participated in the 12th World Diving Championships as the British National Diving Team athlete and won the 12th place. In 1998, Jason starred in Guy Ritchie’s criminal film “Two Shots” and entered the entertainment circle. Jason Statham is the British Steve McQueen, he has a very precious quality, he will pay a lot, but do not ask for return, is a very charismatic actor.

In 2002, Jason Statham became the leading actor in the film "Very Human Trafficker" series. In 2008, Jason Statham joined the film "The Death Squad." In April 2013, the global bodybuilding magazine "Men's Health" announced "Hollywood's most athletic male star list", Jason Statham won the championship. In April 2015, Jason Statham starred in "Speed ​​and Passion 7". In 2015, he confirmed the return to "Speed ​​and Passion 8". In 2016, Jason Statham starred in the Chinese and American co-production film "The Megalodon". On April 8, 2017, Jason Statham's "Speed ​​and Passion 8" held its world premiere in New York and was officially released on April 14th, eventually reaching a global box office of $1.2 billion.

Jason Statham is a classic action actor in the 21st century. His image is not only a strong body on the big screen, but his private lifestyle is also a representative of “bodybuilding”. Jason Statham never appreciates the bloody warrior-like mechanical killings in traditional action movies. He tends to make the characters more humanized. The tough guy is the most attractive label for Jason Statham. He not only makes men shout. Passionate, but also successfully captured the hearts of women. Fans who like him always have some regrets. Unfortunately, Jason Statham's low-key and plain, regret that Jason Statham's star route is always unable to reach the top.

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