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American actor Rachael Leigh Cook

American actor Rachael Leigh Cook (Picture 1)


Rachael Leigh Cook, born on October 4, 1979, is an American actress and producer. In 1999, she starred in the romantic comedy film "She's All That", which recovered the global box office of over 100 million US dollars with a low production cost of only 10 million US dollars, and set off a second wave of youth film. She was therefore awarded the Best New Actress of the 6th Best Masters Award. The success of “She's All That” gave Rachael Leigh Cook many nominations and awards that year, which also made her a goddess in the hearts of teenagers in the United States. She and the male starring small Freddy Prinz also became the golden boy and girl who was recognized as a youth movie at the time.

Rachael Leigh Cook was born on October 4, 1979 in Minnesotapolis, the "city of the lake" at the source of the Mississippi River, the largest city in Minnesota in the northwestern United States. The maternal ancestry is of Italian descent. There are four people in this lively and cheerful Midwestern girl's family: Father Thomas is a social worker in middle school. He used to be a singer and actor. Mother Joan is a craftsman who has done cooking, weavers, dyeing and other craftsmen. There is also a younger brother Benjamin who is two years younger than himself. In 1994, less than fifteen-year-old Rachael Leigh Cook, with the encouragement of the model company, began to apply for the role of the film, and after the audition, it was out of control and brought her up in the future. Interest in and love of acting. In 1995, she starred in her first film "Nanny Club." In 1998, she starred in the comedy movie "Pan Sao Grand Alliance".

1999 was a turning point in the career of Rachael Leigh Cook. At the beginning of that year, she starred in the campus's youth romantic comedy film "She's All That" in the United States, with a low production cost of only 10 million US dollars to recover the world's billions of box office, and set off a second Wave youth film boom. Her outstanding performance in the play successfully portrays the image of Laney Boggs, a purely innocent but pure and beautiful woman, especially the scene in which the red evening dress slowly descends the stairs. It was borrowed from many movies later. The success of “She's All That” gave her many nominations and awards that year, and made her a goddess in the hearts of young people in the United States. In the same year, Rachael Leigh Cook's independent film "The Hi-Line" was also well received and was hailed as one of the best independent films of 1999. Received the Best Actress Award at the Santa Monica Film Festival.

In 2000, Rachael Leigh Cook and Sylvester Stallone co-starred in the action movie "Big Kill". In 2001, she starred in the sci-fi thriller "Antitrust Action". In 2005, she became the voice of the actress Tiffa Lockhart in the animated film "Final Fantasy VII: The Son of the Son" (English version), and then she became the English dubbing of Tiffa in the game "Final Fantasy". In 2007, Rachael Leigh Cook starred in the thriller "Girls". In 2009, she starred in the suspense film "The Guest". In 2011, she starred in the horror film "Vampire" co-produced by the United States and Japan. In 2012, Rachael Leigh Cook began to act as the heroine Kate in the crime drama "The Sixth Sense of Crime." In 2014, she starred in the action film "Destroy the Skyline". In 2017, she starred in the comedy movie "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Rachael Leigh Cook, with his big angelic eyes and excellent shape, is very popular in the hearts of the late 70s and 80s.

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