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Chinese actor Liu Yifei

Chinese actor Liu Yifei (Picture 1)


Liu Yifei was born on August 25, 1987 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. She is a Chinese-speaking film actress and singer. She graduated from the 2002 Film Performance Department of the Beijing Film Academy. In 2005, Liu Yifei was widely regarded as a little dragon girl in the martial arts drama "The Condor Heroes". These flirtatious characters make Liu Yifei a seal-certified costume beauty. In 2009, Liu Yifei was named one of the “Four Little Flowers” ​​in the “80s New Generation Entertainment Star” selection event.

Liu Yifei went to school in Fuyang Street Primary School in Wuhan. In 1997, Liu Yifei dropped out of Fuyang Street Primary School and went to the United States with his mother. Because of the relationship between studying and staying in the United States for a long time, Liu Yifei’s mother changed her nationality to the United States. In the same year, Liu Yifei began to attend middle school in New York. In 2002, Liu Yifei, who returned to China, took the admission examination for the Beijing Film Academy and successfully passed the three-round examination, which was officially accepted by the Beijing Film Academy.

In 2002, Liu Yifei starred in her first TV series "Golden Powder Family" and entered the entertainment circle. In 2003, Liu Yifei became the star of the martial arts drama "Dragon". In 2004, Liu Yifei gained high popularity and attention with the role of the Xian Xia drama "Xian Jian Qi Xia Chuan" Zhao Linger. In 2005, Liu Yifei was widely regarded as a little dragon girl in the martial arts drama "The Condor Heroes". In 2006, Liu Yifei released her first Mandarin album "Liu Yifei" and the Japanese album "All My Words"; in the same year, she became the first Golden Eagle goddess in the history of the Golden Eagle Festival. In 2007, Liu Yifei was elected as one of China's Top Ten Outstanding Representatives in the 1980s. Since 2008, she has moved to the film industry, and with the Hollywood movie "King of Kung Fu" became the first Asian actress to be ranked first in the IMDB movie newcomer list. In 2009, Liu Yifei was one of the "four small flowers" in the "80s New Generation Entertainment Stars" selection event. In 2011, Liu Yifei and Gu Tianle co-starred in the fantasy love film "Ghost Story", starring in the costume movie "The Legend of the Banquet".

In 2014, Liu Yifei won the Best Actress Award at the 5th Macau International Film Festival for her role in the feature film "Tongque Terrace". In 2015, Liu Yifei starred in the drama "Feng Huo Fang Fei", which was also included in the main competition unit of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. In 2016, Liu Yifei won the 16th Chinese Film Media Award for her most outstanding actress award for her role in the third love of Zou Yu. In the same year, she starred in the literary film "Night Peacock" in the 40th Montreal. International Film Festival main competition unit. In 2017, Liu Yifei starred in Disney's live-action version of the movie "Hua Mulan"; in the same year, she got a lot of attention with the fantasy comedy film "The second generation of fairy tales have a good fortune".

In addition to performing arts, Liu Yifei is also enthusiastic about charity. In 2008, Liu Yifei was the Ambassador of China Youth UNICEF; in 2009 she was awarded the “China Children's Charity Award”. On January 2, 2018, Liu Yifei was elected as the "Top Ten Man of the Year" in the 2017 Chinese Film Festival. On March 27, 2020, Liu Yifei and Nikki Caro collaborated on the Disney live-action version of the movie "Hua Mulan" to be released in North America.

Liu Yifei has been doing something, actor, since she debuted. When she was 15 years old, she entered the Beijing Film Academy. Liu Yifei was not on the variety show, but kept a certain amount of film and television production. From the gentle and beautiful Wang Yuzhen in the "Dragons and Eight", to the infatuated and innocent Zhao Linger in the "Swords and Heroes", especially the little dragons who don't eat the fireworks in the "God of the Condor Heroes", these fairy characters Let Liu Yifei become a seal-certified costume beauty.

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