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Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt (Picture 1)


Franklin Roosevelt (January 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945), known as "Little Roosevelt", is the 32nd president of the United States, is the only re-election in the history of the United States more than four (died in the fourth term) The president. The United States has so far served as president of the longest. Roosevelt family in the United States about 300 years of history, the United States 26th President Theodore Roosevelt is Franklin Roosevelt cousin. Roosevelt has been rated as the best president of the United States, the United States of America authoritative journal "Atlantic Monthly" as the impact of the United States, 100 figures, he ranked fourth.

Franklin Roosevelt was born in New York on January 30, 1882. His father, James Roosevelt, is an active figure in the diplomatic and business world. His mother, Sarah Delano, is a beautiful woman who has been educated in the upper class and has been educated abroad. After the mother's enlightenment education, Roosevelt studied Latin, French, German, calligraphy, arithmetic and European history with tutors. Roosevelt at the age of 5 to follow his father to see the then President of Cleveland, the President gave him a strange wish: "pray that God will never let you the president of the United States." But he has become the history of the United States the longest ruling president, And one of the most prestigious presidents.

In 1900, Franklin Roosevelt entered Harvard University, studying political science, history and journalism. This year, his 72-year-old father died, leaving a $ 120,000 deposit, his mother inherited from the grandfather's $ 1.3 million heritage, the University of Roosevelt is very keen on social activities, academic performance is not prominent, he Has traveled to Europe several times, like ball activities. In 1904, Roosevelt entered the Columbia University School of Law. In 1905, married to Eleanor (President Theodore Roosevelt's niece). The president personally attended the wedding ceremony, making the wedding very solemn, but Franklin found that most people are from the president, which inspired his determination in politics.

In August 1921, Franklin Roosevelt took a family vacation in Campo Belo Island, and after he had extinguished a forest fire, he jumped into the cold sea water and suffered from poliomyelitis. The prospect of high fever, pain, numbness, and lifelong disability did not make Franklin Roosevelt abandon ideals and beliefs, and he continued to exercise in an attempt to restore walking and standing. During the rehabilitation period, Franklin Roosevelt read books in great numbers, many of which have biographies and historical works, but with little or no economics or philosophical works.

Franklin Roosevelt's diplomatic thoughts stemmed from his most admired two presidents. His superficial Church, Theodore Roosevelt, teaches him how to defend the national interests and achieve checks and balances of power. Woodrow Wilson taught him that the international order was based on the common maintenance of peace. In 1928, under the understanding and support of Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt, Roosevelt returned to politics and participated in the governor's campaign and won the New York governor in 1929 (again elected governor in 1930). New York can be said to be a place where Roosevelt fostered political activities and the ability to manage state affairs.

The presidential campaign in 1932 was conducted in the context of a serious financial crisis. November 1932 Franklin Roosevelt as a Democratic presidential candidate to participate in the campaign, put forward the implementation of the "New Deal" and the revitalization of the economy program. Political opponents often use his disability to attack him, this is Franklin Roosevelt life had to fight with things, but he always with excellent performance, excellent eloquence and plenty of energy to become an advantage. The first time he went to the campaign, he told the crowd that "a governor is not necessarily an acrobat." We chose him not because he could do the roll-over action, and he was working hard for the benefit of the people. Perseverance and optimism, Roosevelt finally defeated Hoover in 1933 with an absolute advantage to become the president of the United States.

At the beginning of 1933 at Franklin Roosevelt's first president, when the Great Depression storm swept across the United States, it was full of unemployment, bankruptcy, collapse, and collapse, and the pain, fear and despair of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt showed an overriding self-confidence that he gave a passionate speech at the time of his inauguration, telling people that the only thing we fear is fear itself. In the cold afternoon of March 4, 1933, the new president's determination and relaxed optimism, "ignited the new spirit of the whole country's heart and soul." And put forward a policy of governance aimed at achieving national rejuvenation and goodwill. Roosevelt entered the White House, the positive implementation of relief, reform and revival as the main content of the "Roosevelt New Deal." "New Deal" abandoned the traditional laissez-faire, to strengthen government intervention in the economic field, the implementation of deficit finance, vigorously develop the public utilities to stimulate the economy, and the establishment of many institutions to reform the economic and banking system, from the abyss of economic crisis to save the United States , Some of the programs he initiated continued to play an important role in the country's commerce. In addition, some of the systems established within its term remain so far. Roosevelt has led to the reorganization of the party, he and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt is a model of modern American liberalism.

Roosevelt was one of the key leaders of the Allies camp during the Second World War. After the Pearl Harbor incident in 1941, Roosevelt led the war on Japan and introduced price controls and rations. Roosevelt to lease the bill to the United States into a "democratic country arsenal", so that the United States as the main arms suppliers and financing, but also makes the US domestic industry a substantial expansion, to achieve full employment. After the late Allied forces gradually reversed the situation, Roosevelt played a key role in shaping the postwar world order, and its influence was particularly evident in the Yalta meeting and the establishment of the United Nations. Later, with the assistance of the United States, the Allies defeated Germany, Italy and Japan. Historians and political scientists agree that Roosevelt and Washington, Lincoln are the three greatest presidents in American history.

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