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Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro

Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro (Picture 1)


Fidel Castro (August 13, 1926 - November 25, 2016), also known as the old Castro, he is the Republic of Cuba, the Cuban Communist Party and the Cuban revolutionary armed forces, the main founder, known As "the father of Cuba". He is the highest current leader of Cuba's Raul Castro's brother, is also the first highest leader in Cuba. He is a Cuban politician, thinker, military strategist, proletarian revolutionist and Marxist.

Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926, in the town of Pilan, the capital of eastern Algeria, a wealthy manor house. Father Angel Kastro was originally a Spanish soldier, settled in Cuba, to grow sugar cane started to become the famous local plantation owners. When the mother was young, she worked in the father's estate and became the second wife of her father. Fidel Castro has fellow brothers, sister four, brother Raul Castro is 5 years younger than him, is his decades of life and death of the revolutionary comrades in arms.

Fidel Castro has a great ambition, full of rebellious spirit, his youth, on the hardships of farmers have deep sympathy. The first object of the Castro revolution was his own family. He opposed his father to abuse the hired farmers, for many times with his father quarrel, 13 years old had organized sugar workers to fight against his father's strike. The youth of Castro read a large number of heroic biographies and writings, Cuban national pioneer Jose Marty, Latin American liberators Bolivar and St. Martin, are his most admired and cited The hero of the example.

Fidel Castro was admitted to the Faculty of Law at the University of Havana in 1945. The choice of law is largely because he likes to argue with others. At that time when the Latin American national movement surging, he actively engaged in opposing pro-dictatorship of the patriotic student movement, become the University of Havana man. When the action was blocked by the Cuban Navy, Castro battled into the sea, swim through the waters of the shark, back to Cuba.

In 1947, Fidel Castro gradually dissatisfied with the lack of justice in society, joined a political party established by Chabas, the predecessor of the Cuban Communist Party, the People's Party. Chapas was a charismatic leader who was running for president and wanted to take the time of the then president, Ramon Grau San Martin, because Chabas was extremely dissatisfied with his indulgence of rampant corruption. In the course of the campaign, the People's Party opened the government's corruption information, questioned the government, and asked the government to reform. Chapas aims to make the Cuban people gradually aware of the country's corruption, the establishment of patriotic feelings, so that Cuba can be free from the impact of the United States, access to economic independence, and the collapse of the Cuban government in the elite forces The Although Chabas was defeated in the election, he was regarded as mentor of Castro, still committed to his revolutionary movement.

In 1952 Batista launched a military coup, stepped up dictatorship, blocked the democratic road. On July 26, 1953, the 26-year-old Castro led 134 patriotic youths to attack the San Diego Barracks in San Diego, aimed at seizing weapons and ravaged a nationwide campaign against Batista's dictatorship, The prelude to the Cuban armed struggle. Due to the disparity between the two sides, the uprising failed, most of the young insurgents were killed. Castro brothers and others survived, was arrested and imprisoned. In court, generous speech, published the famous self-defense words "history will be sentenced to my innocence." May 1955 Batista for his "campaign" president to win over the hearts of the people, amnesty political prisoners, Castro and his comrades were released. After he was released, he immediately organized the revolutionary organization "7.26" and went to Mexico to organize his secret armed.

November 24, 1956 late at night, in the long rain in the winter, a called "Grammar" number yacht, quietly out of Mexico Tuspan port. The ship carrying the young Castro, and its leading 81 comrades, yachts toward their goal: the motherland of Cuba. In the morning of December 2, 1956, when the landing in the province of Ordos, was immediately attacked by government forces. Most of the expedition fighters died, Castro and other 12 survivors, into the mountains to carry out guerrilla warfare, he himself served as commander of the garrison. Batista's dictatorship soon fell apart. 1959 New Year's Day, Batista flee abroad, the rebels in the people cheering into the capital Havana, the city people took to the streets, witnessed the liberation of the motherland of the young heroes. Castro served as interim prime minister of the revolutionary government, and commander in chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

After the victory of the Cuban revolution, Castro led the government in the domestic repression of counter-revolution, land reform and confiscation of foreign capital and large enterprises; he held high against foreign interference, safeguard national sovereignty flag, which was hostile and opposed by the United States. The United States has carried out political subversion of Cuba, economic blockade, diplomatic isolation, and even organized mercenary invasion, attempting to stifle the new revolutionary regime. Castro led the Cuban people to a tit-for-tat struggle. In April 1961, he declared to the world "the socialist revolution in Cuba". Since then, he led the "7.26 movement" and the People's Socialist Party and the "three one three revolutionary Steering Committee" merged to form the Cuban Communist Party. He was elected the first secretary of the Party Central Committee.

Fidel Castro is the world's most assassinated person. According to the Cuban security sector statistics, was planned to assassinate up to 638 times, ranking first in the leaders of various countries. Castro humorously said: Today I am still alive, this is entirely due to the US CIA fault. Until 1997, the CIA decrypted a 705-page file, the truth of the matter was white in the world. According to the decrypted file, and the Cuban security sector statistics, so far, Castro had suffered 634 assassinations, no success. Castro said this humorously: "If the Olympic Games have suffered an assassination of this one, I am the absolute champion." According to the information disclosed, the CIA until 2000 is still its assassination activities. Assassination means a wide variety, including cigar bombs, fungal infection diving suits, mafia assassination and so on.

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