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Japanese politician Ito Bowen

Japanese politician Ito Bowen (Picture 1)


Ito Bowen (1841-1909), a native of Changzhou (present-day Yamaguchi Prefecture). A modern Japanese politician and one of the nine elders of the Meiji Restoration. He is also the first cabinet minister of Japan, the president of the Privy Council, the president of the aristocratic court, the first director of South Korea, the father of the Meiji Constitution, and the founder of the Constitutional Political Friends Association. The official is from one, the big honour, the duke.

Ito Bowen was born in the late Tokugawa shogunate of Changzhou. In the sixth year of Jiayong (1853), Ito Bowen was boarded in the temple, and later entered the Matsushita-mura. He was taught by the leader of the reformist lower-level warrior, Yoshida Matsuy, and was heavily influenced by Yoshida. On the night of December 12th, in the second year of Wenjiu (1862), more than a dozen people, such as Ito and Hisa, and Takasugi Shinsuke, sneaked into the newly built British Embassy in Gotensan, Shinagawa, and indulged in the savage fanaticism.

After the Meiji Restoration, Ito Bowen had set up a cabinet four times for a term of seven years, during which he launched the Sino-Japanese War of 1894. In the thirty-eighth year of Meiji (1905), after winning the Japanese naval battle against the Russian war (the war against the Strait of the Strait), Ito Bowen was appointed as the first Korean superintendent and in the 40th year of the Meiji (1907). The Korean Empire was forced to sign a third Japan-South Korea agreement to turn the Korean Empire into a Japanese colony. Japan has been listed as the number one power in East Asia.

Ito Bowen’s immortal work is to establish a viable constitutional system that enables the Japanese to conduct political and peaceful evolution in an orderly manner, and the people have an increasingly enlarged opportunity to participate in politics. Throughout the life of Ito’s blog, the core of its East Asian policy is placed on North Korea. In October of the 40th year of Meiji (1909), Ito Bowen was killed in the assassination of North Korea's patriotic patriot Ang, and he was 68 years old. After his death, the Japanese government held a state funeral.

Before the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895, Ito Bowen said to Li Hongzhang, the plenipotentiary minister of the Qing government: You used to be very prestigious, and you said that it is necessary to resolve the contradiction through war. (Itaban Bowen was negotiating with Li Hongzhang because of Japan’s desire to invade Korea in 1884. , Li Hongzhang categorically rejected the matter), now it is really a war, what is the result? I once gave you a piece of advice. I hope that your country will quickly reform its internal affairs, otherwise it will inevitably decline. Now, ten years have passed, my words have been fulfilled? Li Hongzhang sighed and said: Reforming the internal affairs, of course, I want to do it, but our country is too big, and the princes and priests are not in the same heart, not like the ones in your country.

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