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Italian physicist Galileo

Italian physicist Galileo (Picture 1)


Galileo (1564-1642), an Italian mathematician, a physicist, an astronomer, a pioneer of the scientific revolution. Galileo invented the needle and thermometer, in science for mankind has made great contributions, he is one of the founders of modern experimental science. He used telescopes to observe the celestial bodies and achieved a lot of results.

In the history of his first scientific experiments based on the integration of mathematics, physics and astronomy three knowledge, expand, deepen and change the human understanding of the material movement and the universe. Galileo from the experiment summed up the law of free fall, inertial law and Galileo relativity principle. Thus overthrowing the many assumptions of Aristotelian physics, laid the foundation of classical mechanics, refuted the Ptolemy's geocentric system, and strongly supported Copernicus's theory of the day. He overturned the purely speculative tradition of nature by systematic experimentation and observation, and created modern science based on experimental facts and with a rigorous logical system. So he was known as "the father of modern mechanics", "the father of modern science." He laid the foundation for the establishment of Newton's theoretical system.

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