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Yang Zhenning, famous physicist

Yang Zhenning, famous physicist (Picture 1)


Yang Zhenning, born in Hefei, Anhui Province, October 1, 1922, is a world famous physicist, which is a lecture professor in China University of Hong Kong. Professor Tsinghua University, a professor of Hmbarai, New York State University, Academician, Academician, National Academy of Sciences, Taiwan, Taiwan Academician of the Central Research Institute, the honorary academician of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the UK Royal Society, 1957 Nobel Physics Award. He is the first Chinese scientist who returned to China after Sino-US relations, and actively promoted the mutual understanding of Chinese and American cultural exchanges and the Chinese and American people's establishment, China and the United States and Sino-US talents exchanges and scientific cooperation. Significant contribution.

Yang Zhenning, in 1942, graduated from the National Southwest Union; in 1944, he won a master's degree in Tsinghua University; in 1945, he won the Gengzi's compensation scholarship, went to the United States to study; in 1948, he received a Ph.D. in Philosophy of College of Chordago, a lecturer, Princeton College of Higher Institute; 1955, appointed professor of Princeton Higher Academy, USA; 1966, serving as Professor and Physics Research Institute, New York State University, USA; 1986, member of the Hong Kong University of Chinese University Ren Xiaohua University professor; 2017, restored Chinese nationality; 2018, Renhuo Lake University Endai Chairman.

Yang Zhenning made a milestonical contribution in the fields of particle physics, statistical mechanics and cohesive physics. In the 1950s and RL Mills collaboration proposed non-Abeel standard field theory; in 1956 and Li Zhengdao cooperated to propose weak interactions, there is no conservation of unconservation; the particle physics and statistical physics have done a lot of pioneering work, proposing Yang - Baxter equation, opening up a new direction of quantum can be studied in quantum energy and multi-body problems. Yang Zhenning also promoted the establishment of the National Institute of Mathematics Science, Tsinghua University, Nankai University Theory and Physics Research Office and the establishment of the University of Sun Yat-sen University.

In 1957, Yang Zhenning and Li Zhengdao won the Nobel Physics Award for co-proposing Yu known as unconservation. Yang Zhenning was proud of his proud of accepting Chinese culture. When he accepted Nobel Prize, he gave a speech: "I deeply detected a fact:" In a broad sense, I am the product of Chinese culture and Western culture. It is both a harmonious product of both parties, and it is the product of both parties. I am willing to say that I am in my Chinese tradition as proud, I concentrate on modern science. "

Yang Zhenning won the Nobel Physics Award in 1957. It is a sign-only thing for the Chinese. China has always regarded the big country, but the 1840 population war was defeated by the Western "Boillery" and lost its faith. Yang Zhenning's award, as he said, is "helping to change the psychological of the Chinese", but not only affect many young students into physical, he later thoughts, but also a far-reaching impact on the academic culture of the Chinese. Some people say that Yang Zhenning is after Einstein and Fermi in the 20th century, the third "physics full talent" with comprehensive knowledge and talent, one of the most popular contemporary scientists in the Chinese.

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