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Qi Baishi painting

Qi Baishi painting (Picture 1)


Qi Baishi (January 1, 1864 - September 16, 1957), native of China, Anhui, Suzhou, was born in Hunan Xiangtan. He is a modern Chinese painting master, world cultural celebrity. He was a carpenter in his early years, and later came to sell his paintings, and at the age of fifty he settled in Beijing. He is good at painting flowers and birds, insect fish, landscape, people. His ink vigorous moisture, rich colors, modeling concise and vivid, simple and honest mood.

Qi Baishi has served as chairman of the Chinese Artists Association and other duties. Representative works are "frog ten miles out of the spring", "Whitehead old man read" and so on. Qi Baishi has a lot of disciples, of which the famous are: Li Keran, Li bitter, Wang Xu Tao, drama master Mei Lanfang and so on.

Strong local flavor, romantic childlike heart, rich poetic poem, is the inner life of Qi Baishi art; and that warm and bright colors, ink and color strong contrast, as Qi Baishi unique artistic language and visual shape, it is Qi Baishi art External life.

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