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Da Vinci's paintings

Da Vinci's paintings (Picture 1)


Leonardo da Vinci (April 23, 1452 - May 2, 1519), the European Renaissance genius scientist, inventor, painter. Modern scholars call him "the perfect representative of the Renaissance", his greatest achievement is painting, his masterpiece is "Mona Lisa", "the last dinner" and other works, reflects his superb artistic attainments.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy, he was 15 years old to Florence apprentice, grew up as a painter, sculptor. And become a military engineer and architect. 1482 graduated from the Italian Institute of Technology, became a famous Italian architect, artist, in the aristocratic palace in the creation and research activities, since 1513 drifted in Rome and Florence and other places. 1516 living in France, May 15, 1519 died. His most famous work is "Mona Lisa" is now one of the three treasures of the Louvre in Paris.

In 1482 Leonardo da Vinci came to Milan, at the invitation of St. Franciscus Church to draw the altar painting "The Lady between Rocks". The picture is hidden in the Louvre. "The Last Supper" was the most prestigious in his creation in this period. The performance of Christ was arrested before the disciples of the last meal farewell scene of the wet murals, drawn on the walls of the Milan Grace Abbey dining room. Its clever composition and ingenious layout, so that the screen on the hall and living in the dining room structure closely linked together, so that the viewer feels the picture in the scene seems to happen in front. In the character layout, Christ is independent of the center of the picture, the other disciples through their different expressions and gestures, respectively, showing panic, anger, suspicion. This typical character of the description, highlighting the theme of painting, called the history of art the most perfect example.

In 1500, Leonardo da Vinci returned to Florence, with the restoration of the republic system, the cultural atmosphere was active, the painting has also appeared Michelangelo, Rafael and other outstanding figures. Leonardo da Vinci began to create the "The Virgin and Child with St. Anne" for the town of Lanta, he presented to the public a well-conceived sketch, immediately caused a sensation, its composition principle and painting on art The world has a great impact, Michelangelo and Rafael and others have also been inspired.

In 1503 he made a mural for the city hall painting "Anji Battle", while creating "Mona Lisa" and "Virgin and Santa Ana", these two paintings and "Baptist St. John" together to become his extremely Cherished works, always with the side, he moved to France in his later years also brought around, and finally saved in Paris. 1499 years to avoid the war, Da Vinci in Mantua and Venice and other places to travel and conduct some scientific research.

Da Vinci rarely painted in his later years, he concentrated scientific research, leaving a large number of notes manuscripts, content from physics, mathematics to biological anatomy, almost all-encompassing. There are not many works of his life, but pieces are immortal. His works have a distinct personal style and are good at combining art creation with scientific inquiry, which is unique in the history of world art. The academic community generally divides its creative activities into two stages of early and peak. Leonardo da Vinci later years by the French king Francois I invited to France, Francois I gave him a high reception, put him in the amphitheater castle in the Brooks Manor, and often to ask problem. May 2, 1519, the age has been high Da Vinci died of illness.

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