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The novel "Jane Eyre"

The novel Jane Eyre (Picture 1)


Jane Eyre, the heroine of the novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Blanc in 1847. Jane Eyre is an orphan who was born into a poor pastor family. Soon parents passed away. The young Jane Eyre was fostered in her parents' home. After the death of his uncle, Rene, Jane Eyre has lived a life of discrimination and abuse for 10 years. The aunt saw her as a nail in the eye and separated her from her own child. Since then, her confrontation with her aunt has become more open and determined, and Jane Eyre has been sent to the Lowood Orphanage.

The orphanage is strict and has a hard life. The dean is a cold hypocrite. Jane Eyre continues to be mentally and physically devastated at the orphanage. One evening, Jane Eyre went out for a walk, and the owner who had just returned from abroad was the first time they met. Later, she discovered that her master is a person with melancholy and moody personality, and her attitude towards her is also good or bad. The whole house is empty and empty, and sometimes it hears a creepy strange laugh. One day, Jane Eyre was awakened by this laughter in her sleep, discovering that Rochester's room was on fire, Jane Eyre woke him up and helped him extinguish the fire.

Rochester often holds a family feast after returning. At a banquet, she gave a beautiful lady to Ingram, and Jane Eyre was called into the living room, but she was greeted by Blanche's mother and daughter. She endured humiliation and left the living room. At this point, she has fallen in love with Rochester. In fact, Rochester has fallen in love with Jane Eyre, who just wants to test Jane Eyre's love for himself. When he proposed to Jane Eyre, she promised him. On the eve of the wedding, Jane Eyre saw a woman in her face who was wearing a wedding gown in front of the mirror. The next day, when the wedding was quietly carried out in the church, it was suddenly proved that Mr. Rochester had married 15 years ago.

The British female writer Charlotte Bronte, known for her novel "Jane Eyre", is a model of adversity. Her life is hard and magnificent, like a cactus flower that stands proudly in the sand. In 1816, Charlotte was born into a poor pastor family in the north of England. A part of his childhood was spent by charity schools and charity schools. The mother died unfortunately, leaving her and her two sisters, Emily and Ann, and a younger brother. As a sister, she had to assume some responsibility for maintaining her family's livelihood too early. In addition to washing, cooking, and sewing, it is also necessary to collect firewood and smash it, and bring children to rich families.

In December 1836, 20-year-old Charlotte, with a restless mood, sent the best poems to Robert Sausset, the famous poet of the time, hoping to get the literary predecessor she admired. Pointing and carrying. She waited for a few months, until the spring of the second year, only to get a reply that was far more than disappointing her. The road of literature is too narrow and too steep. The sisters were reduced in size and published a collection of poems at their own expense in 1846. Only two copies were sold! Charlotte and the two sisters did not pessimistically retreat. After careful reflection and trade-offs, Charlotte advised her sisters to turn their creative attention to the novel. She said: "I want to come to our life encounters with the use of novels. You don't have to work hard to extract the bitter fruit of poetry, let's rewrite the novel!"

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