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Love novel "Gone with the Wind"

Love novel Gone with the Wind (Picture 1)


"Gone with the Wind" is the only work of the American woman writer Margaret Mitchell (November 8, 1900 - August 16, 1949). The novel is a story of Atlanta and a nearby plantation, depicting the lives of American southerners before and after the civil war. The work depicts the image of many southerners of that era, Scarlett, Reed, Ashley, Melanie, who is a typical representative. Their customs and rituals, words and deeds, spiritual ideas, political attitude, through Scarlett and Bairui De love entanglement as the main line, successfully reproduce the Lincoln leadership of the Civil War, the southern United States social life.

"Gone with the Wind" is a romantic novel that reflects the American Civil War. This novel touched countless readers. It was remade into a movie. Works through the scenes of the magnificent war scenes and delicate and realistic characters, with poetry in the language, interpretation of the touching love story. "Gone with the Wind" is one of the most classic love masterpieces of history. The novel is the background of the American Civil War, the main line is a strong, self-willed manor Miss Scarlett, she entangled in a few men between love and hate, accompanied by social and historical changes, the old familiar Everything is gone, both a description of human love, but also a reflection of social, political, economic, moral and many aspects of the huge and profound changes in the history of the picture.

Margaret Mitchell, the famous American modern woman writer. November 8, 1900 was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He received a doctorate in literature and served as a journalist for the Atlanta News. In 1937 she won the Pulitzer Prize for this book. In 1939 she won the Gold Medal of the New York Southern Association. In 1949, she died in a car accident. Her short life did not leave too many works, but only one "Gone with the Wind" was enough to lay her unshakable position in the history of world literature. "Gone with the Wind" in 1936 after the advent of a sensation, it was made into a movie, Mitchell became more famous. The book was first published in 1936, translated into 29 languages in the world, selling a total of nearly 30 million copies. According to the book made the film "Gone with the Wind" in December 15, 1939 in Atlanta premiere, caused a sensation, and quickly swept the world. And play the heroine actor Clark Gable and Vivien Li is therefore left in the hearts of many fans.

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