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US Ford aircraft carrier

US Ford aircraft carrier (Picture 1)


The Ford aircraft carrier (English: USS Gerald R. Ford, ship number: CVN-78, full name: Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier), is the first ship of the US Ford-class aircraft carrier, the 11th in the US Navy An aircraft carrier. The Ford aircraft carrier costs about $13 billion and is the most expensive ship ever built by the US Navy. The ship has adopted many high and new technologies, including comprehensive electric propulsion and electromagnetic ejection technology, which will become the backbone of the US military's maritime strike forces in the 21st century. The Ford aircraft carrier started construction at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dockyard Company on August 11, 2005. The keel was placed on November 13, 2009, and the water was officially launched on November 9, 2013. The sea trial began on April 8, 2017. On July 22, 2017, he officially entered the US Navy.

The Ford aircraft carrier uses a large number of new technologies and designs, including the redesign of the hull island superstructure and flight deck layout, emphasizing stealth, more efficient powerplants, and greater power generation capabilities. The overall power system uses a new power distribution structure. , using electromagnetic ejection, new high-power integrated nuclear reactor; strip power distribution system (full power propulsion warship), active phased array radar, F-35 carrier aircraft and other key ship high-tech, and The redundant design of the hull has been added for future upgrades, and the overall combat capability of the aircraft carrier has been greatly improved.

The Ford aircraft carrier usually carries eight S-3A/B anti-submarine aircraft, five E-2C/D airborne early warning aircraft, six SH-3G/H or SH-60F helicopters, and the main carrier aircraft will be completely replaced with stealth performance. F-35C fighters, up to 75, to replace the F-18E/F fighters in service. The F-35C can cruise at supersonic speeds with a maximum operating radius of more than 1000 kilometers, enabling remote precision strikes on targets. At the same time, the aircraft carrier will also be equipped with a large number of unmanned combat aircraft, such as the X-47B, which can perform precision strikes, maritime surveillance, early warning in the air, battlefield assessment, and can also support tasks such as anti-submarine and rescue. Thanks to the new F-35C carrier aircraft and high-performance drones, as well as a variety of new concept weapon systems, new changes will be made in the future combat style of sea and air combat. The US Navy estimated that a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier carrying 75 carrier-based aircraft had 248 targets per day during the three-day combat period. The Ford aircraft carrier with the same number of carrier aircraft will have a target number of more than 2,000.

After the Ford aircraft carrier is completed and put into service, it will not only simply add a large mechanized combat platform, but will display a new information-based combat platform. Its impact on the future naval battle will be enormous. The impact of the construction of the Ford aircraft carrier on the US Navy and the navies of the world is huge and multifaceted. The Ford aircraft carrier indicated to the world that the nuclear power plant is still the most suitable power system for the US Navy's large aircraft carrier, indicating that the large tonnage aircraft carrier is at least In the last 50 years of 2005, it is still a "maritime hegemon" and is a pivotal maritime combat platform. The Ford aircraft carrier is more advanced than the Nimitz class aircraft carrier, which is more advanced than the aircraft carriers of other countries, so that the former has already opened two grades with the world aircraft carrier, which can help ensure the maritime advantage of the United States in the next 50 years.

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