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Extreme sport

Extreme sport (Picture 1)


Extreme sports is a collective term that combines some more difficult and challenging combined sports, such as: downhill, skateboarding, extreme cycling, rock climbing, snowboarding, air surfing, street sprinting, parkour, and extreme off-road , Extreme water skiing, extreme roller skating, drift board, etc. are all extreme sports. Many extreme sports events are newly born in recent decades and are in the ascendant. According to the seasons, they can be divided into summer and winter categories. The sports field involves the multidimensional space of "sea, land, and air".

Extreme sports are evolved from a number of shaping sports and various actions in games, life and work. The participants are mainly young people in high-difficulty viewing sports. In the process of fusion with nature, human beings use modern high-tech means to maximize their physical and mental potential and challenge themselves to recreational sports. It is adventurous and stimulating. In addition to pursuing the spirit of "higher, faster and stronger" beyond the physical limits of competitive sports, it also emphasizes participation, entertainment and courage, and pursues the pleasure of overcoming psychological barriers. At the same time, it also embodies the good wishes of mankind to return to nature, return to nature, and protect the environment. Therefore, it has been hailed as "Future Sports" by countries all over the world.

Because extreme sports have the characteristics of "integrating into nature (nature, environment, ecology, health) and challenging oneself (active, brave, joyful, exciting)", "the unity of nature and man" has made extreme sports very popular in Europe and the United States. It can be described as madness and magic. Take water skiing and skateboarding as an example. In the United States alone, there are 1.1 million water skiing enthusiasts. Professional water skiing teams and performance teams are scattered, and they have become an important urban cultural "feast" in many cities; and skateboarding The number of enthusiasts is as many as 4.5 million.

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