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Dragon boat races

Dragon boat races (Picture 1)


Dragon Boat Race is one of the customs of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. On the origin of the dragon boat race, there are a variety of statements, such as memorial Qu Yuan, water gods and other sacrificial activities, its origins can be traced back to the ancient Chinese Warring States period. Dragon boat race has passed into neighboring Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. May 23, 2011, Dragon Boat Race approved by the State Council included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

According to "Historical Records", Qu Yuan is the Minister of Chu in China during the Spring and Autumn Period. He advocated the rich and powerful soldiers, against Qin, but was strongly opposed by the aristocracy, was cast out of the capital, was exiled to the watershed. In 278 BC, the Qin army broke Chu State Kyoto, Qu Yuan always could not bear to abandon their own country, in May fifth, he took the stone jumped into the Miluo River. After Qu Yuan's death, the people of Chu are very sad, they have rushed to the Miluo River side to condolences Qu Yuan. The fishermen took the ship, and on the river to salvage his real body, still no trace. Since then every year on May 5, people with a dragon boat to commemorate Qu Yuan. By the dragon boat to disperse the fish in the river, so that fish can not eat Qu Yuan's body.

In the two lakes of China, the memorial Qu Yuan and the dragon boat race are closely related. After the death of Qu Yuan, the local people may have used the boat to send his soul to the burial, resulting in this custom. But the dragon boat race in addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, people around also give a different meaning.

Dragon boat before the game will be held a variety of sacrifices, commemorative ceremonies, are generally incense candy, burning paper money, to provide chicken, rice, meat, fruit, dumplings and so on. Nowadays, these rituals with superstition have been rare, but in the past people had a very serious atmosphere when they sacrificed the temple, with the aim of praying for agricultural harvests, good weather and good luck. Express people's good wishes.

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