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"The Art of War"

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The Art of War (Picture 1)
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"Sun Tzu's Military Law" is the earliest soldiers in China and the earliest military writings in the world. Earlier than Claoswitz's "war theory" for about 2,300 years, it was known as the "sanctuary of soldiers".There are about 6,000 words, a total of thirteen.The author is General Wu Guo, a general of Qi Guoan in the Spring and Autumn Period."Sun Tzu's Military Dharma" is an important part of the ancient Chinese military cultural heritage. It is an important part of excellent traditional culture. Its content is profound, exquisite in ideology, and meticulous logic and rigorous."Sun Tzu's Art of War" is regarded as a classic of soldiers.It has a history of 2500 years and has been studied in the past.Li Shimin said, "Watching the books of the soldiers, no Sun Wu."The art of war is strategy. The strategy is not a small trick, but a big strategy and great wisdom.Today, "Sun Tzu's Art of War" has gone to the world.It has also been translated into a variety of languages and has an important position in the history of world military.The Han Dynasty version of "Sun Tzu's Art of War" was unearthed in the Han Tomb of Yinkuyama, Linyi in 1972.

The academic community generally believes that the "grandson's art of war" was born in the late Spring and Autumn Period of China; some also believed in the Warring States Period or the latter.The authors of this book are mostly considered to be Sun Wu kissed, and they have gone through school management.For Sun Wu's life era, the academic circles also have different views. Generally, they are recognized as those in the late Spring and Autumn Period, and they are about Confucius at the same time."Sun Tzu's Art of War" should go through a long period of pregnancy before generating.The factors that are produced are many aspects. Those who choose their main should have the following points: since ancient times, especially frequent, fierce, and diverse wars during the Spring and Autumn Period, the source of the "grandson warfare";Results, such as "military ambitions", "military and political", ancient "Sima Fa", Ling Dian, etc., are the "grandson's military law" to jump to the stepstone of the Peak of the military;The theory of benevolence, yin and yang, and "protecting the people" is a cultural factor formed by the "grandson's military law"; the Qi culture of Chongwu and the wisdom is the fertile soil that cultivates the "grandson's military law".Sun Wu's personal talent and efforts are the subjective factor generated by "Sun Tzu's Art of War."In addition, China's thinking, dialectical thinking, and pictographic thinking that China had formed during the pre -Qin period played a guiding role in the theoretical system of the "Sun Tzu's Military Law".This is the main reason why the "Sun Tzu's Art of War" is born in China and does not produce foreign countries, and the main reason why it is produced in the Spring and Autumn Period and does not produce in other times.

The first person who leads the "grandson" to Europe is the French Catholic Jesuits Mascher Joseph J. Ami.When it comes to this name, most of the officials and literati in Beijing during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty felt at a loss, but when he talked about his Chinese name -Qian Deming, there were really many people who knew.It turned out that the Jesus born in France in 1718 was sent to China in 1750. The Emperor Qianlong, who was intended to make several western friends in the second year, was called to the capital.And this Qian Deming lived in the ancient capital of Beijing for 43 years. During this period, in addition to mission, he used his main energy to study Chinese culture.He learned Manchu and Chinese, and introduced the knowledge of Chinese history, language, Confucianism, music, medicine, and other aspects to France, causing widespread attention from France and even the European cultural community.Among them, the most valuable translation work was commissioned by M. Bell Dong, the minister of the King of Louis Fifteenth in France, and translated 6 ancient Chinese military books.Qian Deming relied on his deep skills in the Chinese language, based on a Manusu manuscript of the "Wu Jing Seventh Book", and started the translation work compared with the Hanwen Bingshu.In 1772, the Diduo Publishing House in Paris published this set of military science books called "Chinese Military Art", the second of which was the "grandson warfare".

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