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"Brief History of Time"

Brief History of Time (Picture 1)
Brief History of Time (Picture 1)
Brief History of Time (Picture 2)
Brief History of Time (Picture 3)

"Time briefing" is the popular scientific work of Stephen William Hawkin, the British physicist, first published in 1988. The entire book is twelve chapters, tells about the universe nature, including: our universe image, space and time, expanded universe, uncertain principle, black hole, the origin of the universe, and the destiny, etc. Distant galaxy, black hole, particles, anti-substances and other knowledge, and elaborate on the origin, space and time of the universe, and the ancient propositions such as relativism. In this book, Hawko explores the unresolved conflicts in the universe theory and pointed out problems that exist in quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and generalized relativity. The position of the book makes those who learn to cosmology. An interested reader understands his theory and the math principles.

In this book, Hawking leads the reader to the outer space suite, and the distant galaxy, black hole, quark, "flavored" particles and "spin" particles, anti-substances, "time arrow", etc., etc. What is the ancient problems such as the universe, space and time and relativism, etc., so that the readers initially understand the narrow relativism and the mystery of cosmology such as the origin of the universe. The main content of "time simple history" can be summarized as the following aspects:

1. Time start point - the starting point of the universe. The universe is constantly expanding, it should be a point in the initial contraction, which is called the universe bombing moment. The universe is infinite in this point, this is the singular point called math.

2. Time end - black hole. The star will constantly shrink due to gravitational effects, and it will form a "black hole". Black holes are strong and the time will be terminated here.

3. How did God start the universe? - The origin and destiny of the universe. One is the origin of the universe called disordered boundary conditions; another explanation is called "skyrocket model", which believes that the universe begins in the beginning of the acceleration, in the time than 1 second The radius of the universe increased by 1 trillion billion times.

4. The Unity of Physics - The Ultimate Theory. Humans seek to establish a complete, coordinated unified theory suitable for each event in the universe, and do not need to select a specific constant in this theory.

It is generally believed that Einstein's broad relativeism is used to describe the correct theory of universe evolution. In the framework of classic generalized relativity, Hawkit and Pengros have proven that under a very general conditions, space, time must have a singular point, the most famous gods is the singularity of the black hole and the singularity of the universe . At the odd point, all laws and predictability have failed. The singular point can see the edge or boundary of the space time. Only boundary conditions at the odd point can be given by Einstein equations. Since the boundary conditions can only be given by the cosmic creature, the fate of the universe manipulates in the hands of the Creator. This is the issue of the first driving force that has been plaguing human wisdom from the Newton era.

If there is no boundary if there is no boundary, you don't have to drive God for the first promotion. This can only be done in quantum gravity. Hawking believes that the quantum state of the universe is in an academic state, space, and time can be seen as a limited unreasonable four-dimensional surface, just like the surface of the earth, only two dimensions. All structures in the universe can be attributed to the minimum fluctuation allowed by quantum mechanics. From some simple models, it can be obtained and astronomical observations, such as galaxy, star, etc., large-scale isotropic and uniformity, space, time level, namely space, time basics It is flat, and therefore makes the galaxy and even life become possible, and there is time direction arrow, etc.

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