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Novel "Magic Mountain"

Novel Magic Mountain (Picture 1)
Novel Magic Mountain (Picture 1)
Novel Magic Mountain (Picture 2)
Novel Magic Mountain (Picture 3)

The novel "Magic Mountain" is the representative work of Thomas Mann, the winner of the German Nobel Prize in Literature. The novel came out in 1924, centered on a sanatorium, and described many feudal aristocrats and bourgeois figures in Europe, including Prussian officers, Russian nobles, Dutch colonists, Catholics... They are all parasites of society. insect. The entire sanatorium was filled with a sick and dying atmosphere, symbolizing the decline of capitalist civilization. The work reveals the blood relationship between decadence and fascism through the ideological conflicts between the characters.

From May to June 1912, German writer Thomas Mann’s wife Catalina suffered from a lung disease and stayed in the Davos Pulmonary Sanatorium in Switzerland for about three weeks, and he accompanied him there. During this period, the writer made careful observations of various lives and various characters in the sanatorium, and the material for "Magic Mountain" was derived from this. He began to write this masterpiece in 1912, and in 1914, due to the outbreak of the First World War, he had to interrupt his writing. After going through all the hardships and intermittently, it finally came out in 1924.

College student Hans came to visit his cousin Joachim at the Alpine Pulmonary Disease Sanatorium, but he also contracted a lung disease, so he had to stay for treatment. The people in the nursing home come from all directions, with very different personalities and different thoughts. Hans was an ideal young man, but after interacting with these people, his thoughts became confused and his spirit became depressed; the Russian woman Kravgia made him even more fascinated. He has forgotten his career and important responsibilities, and the mountain has become a "magic mountain", and he cannot extricate himself from it. In a blink of an eye, seven years passed, his cousin died of illness, Kravgia left, and those close friends also went their separate ways. Life shattered his fantasies one by one, making him feel pain and loneliness. The artillery fire of the world war awakened him. Looking back on the past, Hans felt that he had fallen asleep on the "Magic Mountain" for seven years, so he resolutely embarked on the journey to the front.

"Magic Mountain" is a masterpiece of German writer Thomas Mann that shocked the world literary world and a milestone in modern German novels. With its magnificent scenes, majestic momentum, delicate psychological analysis, and incisive philosophy, "Magic Mountain" reflects the changing social reality of Europe on the eve of World War I. It is indeed an epoch-making masterpiece of symphonic nature. Its social significance and artistic value are unparalleled in modern German novels.

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