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Tibetan Xiangba prints

Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 1)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 1)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 2)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 3)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 4)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 5)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 6)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 7)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 8)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 9)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 10)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 11)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 12)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 13)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 14)
Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 15)

"Xiangba", Tibetan transliteration, meaning the woodcut print. Tibetan Xiangba is different from the Tibetan traditional Buddhist version of the Buddha, and is also different from modern emerging paintings. It is a new Tibetan prints developed by contemporary painters on the basis of Tibetan cultures. From the content to form, they have a strong fresh version of Tibetan characteristics. "Tibetan Xiangba" not only uses a unique manifestation in drawing, but also continuously explores and innovates in pigment and paper applications, Tibetan Xiangba's painting pigments are produced in natural mines, plant raw materials, but also pure Excellent quality, excellent lightness, strong weather resistance, and Tibetan Xiangba is used to produce wolf toxic grass, agarwood, etc. in the plateau snowy, and have been hand-made by dozens of processes. Anti-corrosion, anti-mite, moisture-proof characteristics.

Tibetan Xiangba's performance is wide and profound, and the form is hand-painted to display the "print" charm of the print. It draws the essence of traditional and modern art, the unique artistic language and visual texture, which greatly enriches the performance of prints, giving strong modern aesthetics. Its artistic characteristics are: based on the line, with the traditional Thangka's strong color, fully absorb the infinite symbols and aesthetic resources in Tibetan art, showing a strong national, regional, era, and artists. Personal creation style. Classic Xiangba works can interpret "meaningful form" to a new situation: the wind bones of the knife and the pen are shining, the color and quality of the rhyme is fortified, intentional, the words of the lack, the picture is new, beautiful, beautiful Thick, high and deep, giving a strong heart shock. Its work not only has a strong national cultural atmosphere, the obvious regional characteristics and the popularity of the Volkswagen, but also breaks through the aesthetic model of traditional prints with a new creative concept and visual form, and is realized by independence, unique, and original art language. The transcendence of Tibetan traditional prints deepened, promoting the diversified development of contemporary Chinese prints, with significant practical significance and broad development prospects.

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