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The artwork of Yayoi Kusama

The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 1)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 1)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 2)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 3)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 4)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 5)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 6)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 7)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 8)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 9)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 10)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 11)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 12)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 13)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 14)
The artwork of Yayoi Kusama (Picture 15)

Dot Dot Queen, Japanese Art Day, the topic queen, mental patient, strange mother-in-law, etc., is not enough to cover the complicated and changing life of the grass. The only personnel who were criticized for Japanese bad tastes in Japanese bad graphs, and they were constantly proved by the art creation of half a century, and the pioneer artists such as Andy Warhol and the Yakanyi witnessed the history of contemporary art. When I accepted an exclusive "Bund Pictorial", when I talked about the character, she said: "I think no one has talented than me. I have always used all the time in art, and put my most original idea and idea all. Used on the works representing the grass between grass. "

Dragonfly, in 1929, Benbubo, Nagano, Nagano, Japan. In 1955, the grass is alive and American female painter Georgia Ou Shu, and began to prepare to the United States. In 1956, she moved to the United States, most of the time was created in New York City, and began to be "avant-garde queen". In the 1960s, she participated in many anti-war sports. During the grass, it is more than ten years in the United States, the prosperity of pop art. After many years, when the critics re-cleared her creation process, put the grass-like crazy, attributed to a complex social environment: "That is a hippie, the grass is so fast, so I realize that this country is What is popular, they protests to the Vietnamese War, take drugs, chase the mystery of the Oriental, seek other religions, advocating sexual liberation. Many people began to break the routine, and some people have become rich and famous. "

The dot of repetitiveness is worse than the way to mediate with the grass between grass, and it is better to be treated. Born in Japan's local grass is a lonely child, and she is interested in the dots in the field of real life in the childhood. The mirror, polka dot pattern, biological tentacles, and tips are the reproducible motifs in the grass. She has a neurological audiovisual obstacle to the odds of myself. This disease makes her see the world as if it seems A layer of spotted net. So she began to paint these spots, they were like a cell, race, molecules, those who were most basic elements of life, and the grass is well seen as a signal from the universe and natural signals. "The earth is just one of millions of dots." She used them to change the inherent form, but they deliberately manufactured continuity between things to create an infinitely extended space, and the audience cannot be determined. The boundaries between the real world and the illusion.

This summer, the trees in the Thames river in the UK will wrap the white Polka dots in the red background; in September, in the London Hayward Gallery, huge sculptures will lay the ridiculous fashion in the gallery space; Huge, duplicate, red white dots, spread in the corner of London. But people who are familiar with contemporary art can think of these iconic dots, "Japanese strange mother-in-law" that belongs to similar pattern costumes. This is the world famous dot queen, Japanese super art day, the queen of the topic - grass hammer. According to statistics, in Japan, in the wearing costumes, costumes with polka dot patterns account for about 30%. During the grass, the grass is 10 years old, starting to decorate the unsmminated sleeve half red and white sweater. So far, her costume is all designed by themselves. Like her mental illness, the dots are the deepest mark of artists.

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