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African woodcarving

African woodcarving (Picture 1)
African woodcarving (Picture 1)
African woodcarving (Picture 2)
African woodcarving (Picture 3)
African woodcarving (Picture 4)
African woodcarving (Picture 5)
African woodcarving (Picture 6)

African woodcarves mainly refers to the engraving of tropical Africa (that is, West African nations). West Africa carving is mainly a traditional wood carving. There are small statues and masks. Hot tropical climate is easy to destroy wood carvings, so the ancient wood carving cannot be saved at all. However, woodcarving creation is long, with an old tradition, showing mysterious and charming. Woodcarvice art created by African black tribes include masks, animal statues, and people wearing a variety of ceremonies. The woodcarving of each family has its own characteristics. Among the Wooden statues of the Africa, the most prestigious king of Baku-Buo is the same.

African engraving does not deliberately pursue the realistic difference but uses the overall lettering, the two eyes on the face are not a small hole in the casual poke, and the mouth is like an open opening, the nose is summarized into a brief geometry. The shape of the body will only take advantage of its shape, the exaggeration of head and ears seems to be a kind of artistic conception. It is said that the three-dimensional painting style of Picasso has been inspired by the African geometric shape mask. This kind of big case method, does not seek the realistic, non-detail of the detail, local look, it seems very casual; overall, but reveals a lively and fresh inner life.

Wooden smell is the main carrier of African engraving, and its status is like stone carvings in Europe, such as ceramics in China. The woodcarving art is inherited. After three years, the observations and imitations gradually mastered, of course, there is no final exam. The engraver or full-time or part-time job, depending on the needs of the surroundings, these artists are respected in their society. Woodcarves are generally carved by the whole tree trunk, very few works. The ax, flat ax, chisels and hammers are the main tools, and the completed works are generally colored by barbecue or with wood, and color is from plants and minerals. Since most of the unfull-dry wood engraving (it is said to be a soul it is the soul of it), collect African woodvites should pay special attention to maintenance, prevent cracks from appearing.

The engraving modeling including the mask is static, and is mostly a single person. Engraving does not pay attention to realism, but trying to show a natural nature. Most of them think that there is an universal source of God, he can make every life. People use religious ritual rituals to make these gods into sculptures and get the shelves and wisdom from them. They believe that the deceased will always exist in the middle of the living, and the wood carving is the avatar of its ancestors. Perhaps, in order to make the soul have a large space, the head of the African figure is particularly prominent. The Hammer, the Mrs, is just a summary of the art of Africa: "African art production is not apprentice, but to serve the gods and king. And its role, non-decoration, in the past, for now, The social survival is expressed and supports their basic spiritual value. "

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