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Korean kimchi

Korean kimchi (Picture 1)


Korean kimchi is a vegetable as the main raw material in Korea, a variety of fruits, seafood and meat, add fish sauce as the ingredients of fermented foods. The main beneficial factor component of lactic acid bacteria, but also rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and minerals and the human body required more than 10 kinds of amino acids. Korean kimchi after eating five flavors, both to provide adequate nutrition, but also prevent atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol, eliminate excess fat and other diseases, kimchi represents the Korean cooking culture, as the geographical location of South Korea in winter cold, long, not Long fruits and vegetables, so Koreans use salt to pick vegetables for the winter.

Material: 300 grams of cabbage, white radish, carrot, pepper, cowpea, ginger. Seasoning: ginger, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, liquor, bay leaves, pickled mother water, boiled water, salt, rock sugar, the amount.

Day 1: Wash all the cabbage and dry it in a basket. Then cut into pieces or blocks, continue to dry for a long time.

Day 2: The jar thoroughly washed, dried into a little high degree of liquor, shaking the bottle so that the wine was washed again 20cm high jar of the inner wall, and then drained the wine, back jar jar standby.

Day 3: 3 liters of water poured into the oil-free pot, add a handful of pepper, the star anise 2, cinnamon 1, a few pieces of geraniol, a piece of rock sugar, a few slices of ginger, boil and continue to cook 5 minutes, completely cool, pour kimchi jar, and then pour half a bottle of wild wild pepper, and sorghum. Finally put a good dry vegetables into. All vegetables should be soaked in kimchi juice.

Day 4: After fastening the lid, pour water into the sink to seal the jar. Set a cool and ventilated place, keep the sink water do not dry. 1 day after the cabbage can eat, 2-3 days, the best cabbage taste. After 3 days radish also tasty, 5-7 days radish taste best. Radishes are sour after 7 days. 10 days after the beans will be almost. Therefore, the best food to eat the last bottle, so when the first out of more convenient. Beans can be put into the bottle, at the bottom. If the kimchi time to eat inside, you can remove all the sealed storage box refrigerated storage. But kimchi can not be stored for a long time, with the bubble with the food.

Day 12: In fact, radish soak seven-the best taste within ten days. Because I forgot to open it for twelve days, I can not see which carrot is white radish at this time. The color is very uniform, but the color is very sour. Suitable for fried pork or sour soup.

Kimchi for each ingredient brewing time is very particular about the time, generally like cabbage, cucumber, watermelon peel, cabbage, eggplant moisture content of these ingredients eat within a day; seasoning pickled bubble a month Eat more than the above. Nitrite is a substantial increase from the third day of kimchi into the jar, with the highest level of soaking in a week and the subsequent decline since then, essentially disappearing after the twentieth day. So as long as the method of eating, do not have to worry about the problem of nitrite.

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