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Dongpo braised pork

Dongpo braised pork (Picture 1)


Dongpo braised pork, is China's Meishan and Jiangnan features traditional dishes. Dongpo braised pork in Zhejiang cuisine, Sichuan cuisine are included in the cuisine, and the practice is also different around. Dongpo braised pork ingredients and shapes are similar, the main ingredients are semi-fat and lean pork, finished dishes are cut neat block, red was translucent, color such as agate, picked up a taste, soft and Not bad, fat and not greasy.

It is said that Su Dongpo, a songwriter of the Northern Song Dynasty, was an official in Hangzhou and organized migrant workers to build a dike in the West Lake so as to make a good deed for the common people. In order to thank Su Dongpo, that year over the Spring Festival, the city men and women send pork and wine to him the New Year. Su Dongpo will accept the pork. Later, he asked people to cut the pork into squares, burn the crisp, and then press the roster of migrant workers, door-to-door giving them meat to the Chinese New Year. People see Su Dongpo not forget migrant workers, more and more love him, the meat is called "Dongpo braised pork." Dongpo braised pork to eat more people feel delicious.

Dongpo braised pork production methods: pork rib 500 grams, 100 grams of onions, 100 grams of white sugar, rice wine 250 grams, ginger 50 grams, 150 grams of soy sauce. Scraps pig pork, cut into 10 square pieces of meat, boiled in a boiling pot for 5 minutes, remove and wash. Take a large casserole with bamboo raccoon bottom, first shop onions, add ginger, and then pork skin side down neatly above, add sugar, soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, and finally join the onion knot, covered Pot cover, with peach paper seal casserole side seam, set the fire, boil after the stamped seal, with micro-fire stew crisp, remove the casserole, skim the oil, the meat side up into the special Small pottery, cover the lid placed in the steamer, with a 30-minute steaming Serve.

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