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French snail dish

French snail dish (Picture 1)


French snail dishes, paella and pasta are known as the three famous dishes of Western cuisine. French people do a lot of snail dishes, French snails, onions and snails, etc., can consume more than 300 million snails a year, showing that the French really love the snails deeply. The most famous dish in French cuisine is the snail feast. The price is very expensive and unique. It has become a pearl on the tip of the tongue and has become an indispensable high-grade ingredient on the French table. The snail feast has gradually entered the world famous dishes.

The French snail is an edible snail. The same edible snails are garden snails and agate snails. The snails are rich in protein and low in fat. The low-cholesterol foods are not only distributed in France, Italy, etc. The country also has a distribution. However, the French court still has a rejection and attitude towards the snails for a long time. In the 17th century, the royal chef of the Louis XIV era believed that the snail meat could not get on the table. Until the 18th century, edible snails became a French fashion, retaining the shell of the snail, filling it with different seasonings and then baking it, becoming a popular way of eating. This cooking method is very close to today. From this point on, the French snail slowly infiltrates from the lower class to the upper class.

French edible snails were hundreds of years ago. In addition to being a sacred place for wine production, the Burgundy region of France is also a lot of wild snails, so as early as a few hundred years ago, snails were only a common home-cooked dish in rural France. The amount of snails that are slowly consumed is getting bigger and bigger, the number of snails is getting smaller and smaller, and the price becomes expensive. Although the French snails are now farmed, they are still not much. They are all imported, so the price of French snails is expensive and extravagant. The French snail is one of the representative works of the French snail dish. The method is simple and simple, and the entrance is rich in flavor. Squeaky in the oven with the butter mixed with garlic and parsley. The snail meat with a strong garlic tastes wonderful. The method of making is to heat the butter, add the mushroom to the saute, add the French snail and stir fry, add the seasoning and mix well, add the cream to stir, put the sauteed snail mushroom into a separate small bowl, sprinkle with garlic, parsley Then add the butter and put it in the oven to make it golden yellow.

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