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Nutritious steak

Nutritious steak (Picture 1)


Steak is one of the most common foods in Western food. The method of cooking steak is based on frying and grilling. In the Middle Ages of Europe, pork and mutton were the meat of the common people. Beef was the high-quality meat of the nobles of the princes. The noble beef was cooked together with pepper and spices that were also distinguished by the time, and in special occasions. Supply to show the owner's distinguished status. Steaks are different from most other cooked foods. Steaks are usually not cooked until they are fully cooked. Instead, they can be adjusted to the level of personal preference.

The steak can be fried and grilled, but the most effective way to divide the production temperature into two pieces is to make it smooth and fragrant. For example, in the case of frying, the first time the steak is fried in a pan, it must be hot and high. At this time, the surface of the beef is dehydrated and hardened, and the Maillard reaction occurs. The color turns dark brown and gives a frying scent. Turn the side of the beef before zooming and fry the other side to a dark brown. This stage is to create the flavor of the steak.

The second stage is to let the internal mature, and try to make the temperature outside the hardened outside not too high, resulting in excessive temperature difference between the surface of the meat. At this point, there are two ways, one is to use the original pot to change to a small fire to continue to fry, but need to turn over the face, 1 minute or so, let the heat slowly enter the inside of the beef. The second is to use a low temperature baking in the oven, so that the heat is heated from all sides in a stable manner (this method belongs to the restaurant). This stage can make the internal temperature of the meat higher and ooze the gravy.

There are many types of steaks, and the following are common: TENDERLOIN is the tenderest meat on the ridge of the cow, almost free of fat. Because of the tender meat, it is very popular with friends who love to eat lean meat. RIB-EYE is the meat on the beef ribs. It is also a combination of lean meat and fat meat. Due to the certain fatness, the meat is more delicious. SIRLOIN is the meat on the outer ridge of the cow. It contains certain fat and oil. It has a white tendon in the epitaxial band of the meat. The overall taste is strong and tough. The meat is hard and has a chewy head. It is suitable for young people and people with good mouth. T-BONE is the spine on the back of the cow. On both sides of the T-type, the amount of one side is small, and the amount is more than West Cold. The smaller amount is the Philippine force, and the middle is separated by the ribs.

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