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Thai Massaman Curry

Thai Massaman Curry (Picture 1)


Thai Massaman Curry is the king of eclipse, also known as the king of curry. Massaman curry belongs to the southern Thai cuisine, also known as the Emperor Curry, perhaps from the Royal Court. It has similarities with Malay Curry and Indian Curry. Some of the main ingredients include cinnamon cloves and nutmeg. Other ingredients are the main character of coconut milk. The biggest difference between the taste of this curry dish and several other Thai curries. It is because of its thick and fragrant, there is a warm and spicy fragrance wrapped in nuts. It is a delicious meal that should not be missed when traveling to Thailand.

Among the 50 most delicious foods in the world selected by CNN, the southern Thai cuisine Massaman curry ranks in Shantou, and CNN calls it the king of curry. Southern Thai cuisine is influenced by Muslims and likes to use a lot of spices such as star anise, cardamom and cumin. Massaman curry softens the rich spices and fragrant leaves; pure coconut juice stewed meat (usually beef and mutton, Muslims do not eat pork) not only has the effect of softening the meat, but also softens the taste, the softness of coconut milk Sweetness slowly infiltrates into the meat during the stewing process; add potatoes or sweet potatoes to increase the taste and concentration, and finally sprinkle a roasting raw. The combination of meat protein, starch and fat, Massaman curry is indeed better, the taste is more full and rich, sour, sweet, salty, spicy, fresh and more balanced.

The Massaman curry made from peanuts in eight spicy spices is sweet and delicious. It is full of Thai flavor. After the curry sauce is fried, the flavor is even richer. Even if you buy the Massaman curry from the supermarket, you can make it out. The Michelin restaurant has a taste of food. Massaman Curry is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. Massaman Curry contains a variety of substances needed by the human body to promote the health of the body, promote blood circulation and achieve sweating. The curcumin contained in Massaman Curry has the function of activating hepatocytes and inhibiting cancer cells. Massaman curry improves constipation and is good for gut health.

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