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Sichuan cuisine spicy chicken

Sichuan cuisine spicy chicken (Picture 1)


Spicy chicken is a classic traditional dish in the Sichuan-Chongqing region of China. It is usually made from whole chicken, with onions, dried peppers, salt, pepper, MSG and other materials. Although it is the same dish, it has its own characteristics. Spicy chickens have different characteristics due to different production methods in different places, and are very popular among people everywhere. This dish has a bright brown color and a spicy taste. Chicken has a high protein content and is easily absorbed into the body, which enhances physical strength and strengthens the body.

The practice of spicy chicken, the chicken wings are bought into small pieces, the size, according to your personal diligence, but the maximum can not exceed the thumb. After the chicken has changed its wings, add cooking wine, onion ginger, salt, chicken essence and monosodium glutamate. Marinate for more than ten or twenty minutes, depending on the mood. After marinating, pick up the onion ginger. Heat the pan and heat the oil. If you want more, add the chicken, don't move it, wait for the chicken to whiten and foam, use the chopsticks to gently pull it, then turn off the small fire, slowly dry the chicken, during the tanning process. In the middle of the season, we must continue to fry the spoon and pull the chicken to prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan. You can also fry, so it's faster. Stir-fry until the chicken volume is significantly reduced, the skin can be poured out to control the dry oil.

Put the oil in the pot again, this time, less, add ginger and garlic slices, pour the chicken, stir fry a few times, then add the pepper, dry the pepper, stir fry evenly, if you are not spicy, you can add less dried chili Add two wattles, green onion marbles or celery festival, so it is not so hot. We will stir all the ingredients evenly and almost ripely (in the stir-fry, the fire is big, the action is fast, so that the pot is fragrant), you can finally season, add MSG, chicken, soy sauce, taste it. The taste is light and add some soy sauce. Do not add salt. Finally, before the pan, pour in a little sesame oil and rattan oil.

Chili can be added according to your own taste, but in order to reflect the characteristics of this dish, the best finished product is that the pepper can cover all the chicken, instead of a few peppers and peppers in the chicken. . When the fried chicken goes to the chicken to spread the salt, it must be sprinkled. If the chicken is fried, the salt will not enter the chicken, because the shell of the chicken has been dried and the texture is relatively tight. The salt can only be attached to the chicken. The surface affects the taste. The oil used for fried chicken must be very hot, otherwise the chicken will not dry for a long time, even if it waits for a long time to dry, it is really dry, there is no taste at all. So the fire Must be big, fragile outside, and relatively tender inside.

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