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Brazilian barbecue

Brazilian barbecue (Picture 1)


Brazilian barbecue is a national banquet in Brazil, which is deeply loved by countries in South America. Brazilian barbecue mainly includes roast beef, chicken legs, pork, sausages and even pineapple, pears and apples (the pineapple is baked with Brazilian honey on the surface). These ingredients are marinated and skewered on a skewer about one meter long. The flat iron rod of the trough is slowly grilled on a charcoal fire. Brush the oil several times during the barbecue, and roast it until both sides are golden and the meat is fragrant, then you can eat it.

At the end of the 18th century, Brazilian cowboys often used long swords to skew meat in their spare time and grilled meat on a campfire. Followed to this day, a unique Brazilian barbecue has been formed. Brazilians like to eat the original taste of meat when eating barbecue. Because different parts have different flavors, they only add salt to season the barbecue. The meat is skewered on a brazier, grilled on the fire, sprinkled with coarse salt, and the salt melts and penetrates. When the surface of the meat is cooked, pat the salt particles off, and then cut the surface with a sharp blade to eat. The Brazilian barbecue is particularly focused on the original taste of the meat, and there is a scent of pine wood in the delicious and rough taste. It is this kind of original taste that makes Brazilian barbecue famous all over the world.

After more than five hundred years of evolution and the inheritance and evolution of past generations of Brazilian chefs, it has been passed down to modern times, and the Brazilian barbecue is more refined. Now it has become a brand, a kind of traditional culture, continuously spreading to all parts of the world. Production steps: cut the beef into 2 or so large pieces, put it in the marinade and marinate for 6 hours a day in winter and summer; put the meat on the barbecue stick and bake it on the iron rack on the open stove, the roasting process needs more Brush the oil several times and keep turning to keep the meat moist and excessive evaporation of water; the last step is to brush a little thin mustard on the surface of the meat and bake it; Cut off the crispy skin on the surface of the meat, and then put it on the oven to continue roasting. Repeat this process until it is finished. When serving the meal, the action of the slices of meat should be neat and swift, giving people a kind of performance. Style and enjoyable pleasure.

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