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Peking duck

Peking duck (Picture 1)


Roast duck is a world famous Beijing dishes, originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, at the time is the court food. It is the use of high quality meat duck duck Beijing, using charcoal fire roasted, ruddy color, fleshy fat but not greasy, crisp outside tender. Now hang furnace roast duck and stew furnace roast duck, they are two categories of Beijing roast duck, and Beijing's most famous roast duck shop is also the representatives of the two factions. Its characteristics are: color Hongyan, tender meat, mellow taste, fat but not greasy.

According to legend, the beauty of roast duck, is derived from the valuable varieties of Beijing duck, it is the world's most high quality meat duck. It is said that this special pure Beijing duck breeding, it originated in a thousand years ago, because of the Liao Jinyuan ancient emperor hunting, they accidentally get this white duck species, it has been continued, and cultivate into today's valuable Meat ducks. A method of fattening a white duck. Not only that, Beijing duck was a hundred years ago spread to Europe and the United States, known for breeding. Thus, as a high-quality varieties of Beijing duck, become the world's valuable duck species has long been a source.

In the early years of the year, the people loved Nanjing Banya, the emperor also love to eat, it is said that the emperor Zhu Yuanzhang eat a duck every day. The palace of the Royal chefs to find ways to develop the duck's new way to please the emperor, so developed a fork barbecue duck and stew furnace roast duck. Fork barbecue duck to "Quanjude" as the representative, and stew furnace roast duck was "cheap Square" the most famous.

Beijing roast ducks usually have three kinds of eating: the first kind of eating, is the crisp duck skin dipped in thin sugar to eat. The second way to eat, sweet sauce with onions, can be equipped with cucumber, radish, on the cake, put a few pieces of roast duck covered in the above. The third way to eat, garlic plus sweet sauce, but also with radish and so on, with bread rolls of duck, the flavor is more unique.

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