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France Moet champagne

France Moet champagne (Picture 1)


Moet Le Champagne is a famous French wine, once loved by the French Emperor Napoleon and won the reputation. To date, Moet Champagne has become France's most internationally renowned champagne. For more than two centuries it has been the tribute of many royal families in Europe. As the world's most popular champagne brand, MoEa Champagne since its inception in 1743, has always been a model of achievement and charm. Wyatt Wine Estate champagne will be extended to all over the world, to achievements, pioneering and legendary pioneer spirit world-famous. "Moet Champagne" is synonymous with brilliant tradition and modern pleasure.

Champagne is a unique process. After the white wine is added into the bottle, a small amount of sugar and yeast are fermented for a second time to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide and become a bubble. When the bottle is opened, the pressure makes it bang and joy atmosphere of. Therefore, champagne becomes a "joyful wine." In general festive occasions, even "wasted" occasions, such as the launching of new boats to knock champagne bottles, with the racers to celebrate the victory and the big bottle of champagne spray, there are traces. As for the large party pyramid built into a champagne, is also the focus of attention. Champagne can be paired with different dishes and desserts. The best drink temperature for champagne should be 8℃ to 10℃. For 20 minutes in the ice bucket or 3 hours in the freezer before drinking.

About champagne, in fact, is a sparkling wine, and is one of the best varieties. According to the French nomenclature, only the sparkling wine made in France and made by champagne can be called champagne. In "history", there have been many countries have similar sparkling wine named "champagne", the French Chamber of Commerce champagne continued protests, and even litigation in the international Hague Court, lasted decades, the final ruling in 1997 win. From the beginning of any country's like products, can not be called champagne, can only be called sparkling wine, or created by the name, such as Spain's CAVA, Germany's SEKT, are the examples.

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