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Remy Martin Cognac

Remy Martin Cognac (Picture 1)


Remy Martin is a brandy brand in France. Founded in 1724, Remy Martin Winery is recognized worldwide as a premium Champagne Cognac expert. The most central area of the French Cognac region guarantees the unparalleled richness of Remy Martinte Cognac. After nearly three centuries of exploration, the unique qualities of Remy Martinte Cognac Brandy are rich, rich in flavour and long aftertaste.

In 1695, Remy Martin was born in a wine growing and winemaking family near the town of Rouillac in the Charente region of France. When he grew up, he worked with his father in the family vineyard. At that time, King Louis XIV of France had been in office for more than 50 years, while the British King William of Orange ruled the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (and the American colonies). The young grapes that Remi Martin took care of were dedicated to the distillation of brandy, mainly to the German and British markets, when the Germans called brandewijn, and the British called shochu. Remy Martin married in 1724, and his family business was thriving, so he wanted to seek growth. This led to the establishment of Remy Martin, which operates grape growing and brewing brandy. Of the world's four major brandy brands, only Remy Martin was created by the local Cognac, and the other three were created by foreign wine merchants.

Only 100% uses the most central area of the Cognac region, the Champagne region of the Champagne region, and the Cognac brand with a proportion of more than 50% in the Champagne region can be called the premium Champagne Cognac. Fine Champagne Cognac is a higher level French government naming qualification. The world-famous Champagne Cognac brand only accounts for 17% of the total production of Cognac, and 80% of the premium Champagne Cognac is made by Remy Martin. The full range of Remy Martin products are premium Champagne. Nike brandy. Remy Martin Premium Champagne Cognac is made from high quality Lin Maoshan oak barrels and continues the traditional small pot with slag distillation. The aging period of each product is far beyond the legal period, and the wine after aging is more Harmonious, rich and smooth. Protected by the French Appellation of Origin (A.O.C), only the premium Champagne Cognac can be labeled "Fine Champagne Cognac" on the bottle.

All cognac is made from white grapes. Because the grapes have a richer aroma than other brewed wines such as cereals, the cognac produced by the wines has greatly surpassed other wines in quality. The white grapes used to make cognac are from the Roman region and then transplanted to the Cognac region for cultivation. The grapes that are produced are picked when they are not fully ripe to ensure that the grapes have a higher acidity to produce a unique flavor of cognac. Almost all cognac is made from two white grapes, Ugni Blanc and Clombard. Ugni Blanc is the most widely grown white grape in France. It is effective against grape germs and can be made into a sweet, high acidity light wine. It is suitable as a distilled wine base. Of all the light wines used to make cognac, almost 97% are made from white jade. Clombard can be used to make low-acid, high-quality wines and bring a lime-scented cognac to the cognac. Every year from the end of September to the beginning of October, it is the peak season for grape harvesting. After the harvested grapes are removed from the bar in the press, they are pressed into grape juice for further fermentation.

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