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Japanese wine

Japanese wine (Picture 1)


Japanese sake is a Japanese national sake developed based on the brewing method of Chinese rice wine. Japanese people often say that sake is a gift from God. For more than 1,000 years, sake has been the most commonly consumed beverage in Japan. At large banquets, wedding ceremonies, in bars or ordinary people’s tables, people can see sake. Sake has become the quintessence of Japan.

Although Japanese sake draws on the brewing method of Chinese rice wine, it is different from Chinese rice wine. The wine is light yellow or colorless in color, clear and transparent, pleasant aroma, pure taste, soft and refreshing, its sour, sweet, bitter, astringent and spicy flavors are harmonious, the alcohol content is more than 15%, and it contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins. , Is a nutritious drink wine.

The craftsmanship of Japanese sake is very sophisticated. The selected rice should be polished to make the rice white, absorb water quickly when dipped, and easy to steam; the fermentation is divided into two stages: pre-fermentation and post-fermentation; sterilization treatment is performed once before and after bottling to ensure The shelf life of wine; pay attention to specifications and standards when blending wine. For example, the quality standard of "pine, bamboo and plum" sake is: the alcohol content is 18%, the sugar content is 35g/L, and the acid content is less than 0.3g/L.

According to Japanese law, special and first-class sake must be sent to the relevant government departments for identification and approval before they can be included in the grade. Due to the high tax on Japanese sake, the premium alcohol tax is four times that of the second grade. Some liquor merchants often sell second grade products, so they are welcomed by expert drinkers. However, starting in 1992, this traditional classification method was cancelled. Instead, it was classified according to the quality of the brewing ingredients, the temperature and time of fermentation, and whether to add edible alcohol, etc., and labeled "pure rice wine", and The words "Ultra Pure Rice Wine".

There are many brands of Japanese sake, and there are more than 400 kinds of sake introduced in Japan's "Sake Sake Collection", with different naming methods. Some are named after the flowers, trees, birds and animals, and natural scenery throughout the year, such as white vines, cranes, etc.; some are named after place names or scenic spots, such as Fuji, Akita Nishiki, etc.; others are based on the raw materials of sake, brewing methods or wine The tastes are named, such as Benge Spicy Mouth, Daiginjo, Pure Rice Wine, etc.; there are also various honorary words as the name of the wine, such as Fu Lu Shou, the reputation of the country, and the elderly.

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