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Coca Cola

Coca Cola (Picture 1)


In 1886, Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Since then, it has blended with social development and inspired innovation. Now, it brings pleasant and refreshing wonderful feelings to people all over the world every day. Currently, 1.7 billion consumers around the world are drinking Coca-Cola’s products every day, and about 19,400 bottles of beverages are sold every second. In October 2016, Coca-Cola ranked third in the world’s 100 most valuable brands in 2016.

On May 8, 1886, Dr. John Stith. Pemberton of Georgia, USA, wanted to invent a drink, a drink that many people who need supplementary nutrition like to drink. That day, he was stirring the prepared drink and found that it had a refreshing, calming effect and relieved headaches. He added this liquid to syrup and water, and then added ice cubes. He tasted it and it tasted great. However, when pouring the second cup, the assistant accidentally added soda water (carbon dioxide + water). This time it tasted better. Partner Frank M. Robinson inspired the naming inspiration from the two components of syrup. The ingredients are the leaves of Coca and the fruit of Kola. In order to make it uniform, Robinson changed the K of Kola to C, and then added a horizontal line between the two words, so Coca-Cola was born, the first Coca-Cola is priced at five cents.

In 1888, Asa Kandler saw Coca-Cola's market prospects, bought its shares and controlled all its production and sales rights. Kandler began to sell the raw liquid for making drinks to other pharmacies, and at the same time began to advertise on signboards in train stations and town squares. In 1901, the advertising budget had reached 100,000 US dollars.

It is the two American lawyers who really make Coca-Cola flex its muscles. They went to the office of Asa Kandler, the owner of the Coca-Cola Company at the time, and proposed an innovative business cooperation method. The Coca-Cola Company sold them syrup. They invested and produced the company and sales outlets, and mixed the syrup with water and bottled it. , Sale, production and quality assurance according to the requirements of Coca-Cola Company. Kandler sold the first assembly franchise for this beverage for $1 in 1899. The Coca-Cola Company allowed them to use the Coca-Cola trademark to advertise. This special bottling system has since produced Coca-Cola factories everywhere.

In 1919, Elntst Woodruff bought the Coca-Cola Company from the heirs of Asa Kandler for $2.5 million. In 1923, his son Robert W. Woodruff, one of the most important figures in the history of Coca-Cola, became the CEO of Coca-Cola. Woodruff began to work with the company's bottling franchisees. No matter when and where consumers want Coca-Cola, they can be satisfied. He promotes bottling. Merchants make beverages "available when needed."

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