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Italian pizza

Italian pizza (Picture 1)


Pizza, a food originating in Italy, is popular around the world. The usual practice of a pizza is to grill fermented dough with ketchup, cheese and other ingredients baked in an oven. Mozzarella cheese is often used as a cheeseshell. There are also several cheeses, including parmesan, romano, ricotta or Monterey Jack.

Pizza is an Italian-style food made of special sauces and fillings, but in fact this food has gone beyond the language and cultural barriers to becoming a global snack that is loved by consumers in many countries. However, this source of food from where and when, in the end who invented the pizza? The third century BC, the Roman history: in the round wheat dough with olive oil, spices, grilled on the stone, which may be the earliest pizza.

According to statistics, there are more than 20,000 pizzerias in Italy, of which there are 1,200 in Naples. Most Neapolitan eat at least one pizza a week, some people eat almost every day for lunch and dinner. Diners, whether poor or rich, are used to folding their pizzas and eating them in their hands. This becomes one of the bases for identifying the pros and cons of pizza. The pizza must be soft and hard, and the outer layer will not break even if it is folded like a "wallet".

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