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Lanzhou beef noodles

Lanzhou beef noodles (Picture 1)


Lanzhou beef noodles, "China's top ten noodles," one of Lanzhou in Gansu Province is the flavor of snacks. It has won the praise of domestic and even worldwide customers. And by the China Cuisine Association as one of the three Chinese fast food, get the reputation of "China's first side." Lanzhou beef noodles in the civil and Shanxi noodles, noodles, Henan noodles, dan dan noodles in Beijing, Beijing noodles, hot noodles in Wuhan, Kunshan Austrian kitchen noodles, pot noodles in Zhenjiang, Jilin Yanbian cold noodles and so on, for China's top ten pasta, Is a rare delicious pasta.

Folklore, Lanzhou beef noodles originated in the Tang Dynasty. There are historical records of Lanzhou beef noodles began in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years, the founder: Chen Wei Jing. Lanzhou beef noodles history has been 200 years, the founder of Chen Wei Jing, is the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing Imperial College Imperial College students. Chen Lilin, Chen Tun Sheng and Chen He Sheng brothers play a key role in the improvement and uniform standards of beef noodles in Lanzhou, turning this street snack into a delicacy for mass consumption. Hot pot noodles, was created by Ma Baozi in 1915, when he was poor and living under pressure. He made hotpot beef noodles at home and picked up noodles for sale in the streets of the city. Later, he again boiled beef, lamb soup into the beef noodles, fragrant, people like his beef noodles. Then he opened his own shop and did not have to sell it along the street. He wanted to launch a free "bowl of soup into the shop," and when the guests came in, the dude would welcome a bowl of fragrant beef soup. Ma Baozai soup noodles famous boosted by people's praise.

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