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Indian Food Thali

Indian Food Thali (Picture 1)


Put a variety of dishes in a metal plate and a few small bowls (South India will also use banana leaves to make dishes), this package is called "Thali", which is quite common in India. According to India's traditional diet, a decent meal should contain sour, spicy, salty, sweet, astringent, bitter "six flavors", and the idea behind Thali is the balance of six flavors.

In general, the center of the Thali meal is the main noodle cake or rice, surrounded by one or several vegetables, Dal (a spicy Indian dish made of pigeonpea), wafers, Indian yogurt (Curd)), sweets and a small amount of chili sauce or kimchi. If it is in the restaurant, it usually offers both meat and vegetarian Thali.

The specific mix of Thali meals varies from region to region. For example, in South India, the traditional Thali does not have noodles, and the staple food is always rice. According to the special tastes of each region, the typical regional flavors of Thali such as Rajasthan Thali, Gujarat Thali, and Maharashtra Thali have also been produced. Rajasthan Thali is very spicy, people who can't eat spicy, please be cautious.

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