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Fish and chips

Fish and chips (Picture 1)


Fish and chips are derived from the UK, is to remove the bones of the fish, cut into pieces wrapped in wet dough, and then fried, there are fried potatoes. When eating it will be accompanied by different flavors of sauce, it is a very common street food. Is also popular in New Zealand and Australia. In the United States, this Fish and chips are gradually becoming common. For decades, Fish and chips are popular in the UK. In the 2012 vote, "What do you think is the best representative of the UK?" The Fish and chips beat the Beatles, Afternoon Tea, Shakespeare, Buckingham Palace and the Queen of England as the highest symbol of the British mind. Now, every year the British consume more than 250 million fish and chips.

In the 19th century, eating fried fish became common in London and southeastern England. At the same time, in the north of England, fried "cut block" potato industry has also been developed. Whenever and where, these two are merged into the Fish and chips store industry we know today. The first Fish and chips store was probably Joseph Malin opened in London in 1860. British people like potatoes, they often treat potatoes as a staple of food, even more than bread. British potatoes do not like China only one or two species, there are at least no less than ten kinds of potatoes, there are big and small, the color of the skin is also black, yellow and white, but the price is very cheap.

Fish and chips are the most typical street food in the UK. There are often shops on the roadside selling fish and chips. Walking on the British road, no matter what time, you can often see people holding a paper bag, which is poured with tomato sauce or cheese spices and a large fried fish. In fact, the most interesting is the packaging of these fish and fries, especially when eating on the road, they are not installed in the plate, but with a newspaper wrap up. I heard that in the United Kingdom, the first choice of french fries of the newspaper must be the day of the Times, so that you can eat fish while watching the newspaper side. Of course, today's fries have already switched to clean white paper or cartons. Because "fried fish and fries" fresh and delicious, steaming, and convenient, for hundreds of years, "fish and fries" in the UK to become a food for all ages.

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