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Ginseng (Picture 1)


Ginseng produced in the Korean peninsula can be divided into ginseng, Tai Chi ginseng, white ginseng and ginseng (red ginseng) according to the processing technology. Korea ginseng can bolster vitality, soothe the nerves, apply to people with horrified insomnia, physically weak, heart failure, cardiogenic shock. Modern medical research shows that ginseng has a variety of nourishing efficacy. Japan and South Korea (South Korea) scholars found that ginseng in the prevention of diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and other aspects have obvious effects, ginseng also anti-cancer, disease control, promote blood circulation, prevent fatigue, enhance immunity Its origin, which is also the most famous place of its origin, is Chosan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, south of the Korean peninsula, which is under the jurisdiction of South Korea.

Korean ginseng is a perennial herb that has special conditions for its cultivation and growth and is very sensitive to soil and climate. Ginseng is afraid of both cold and heat, only grow in the sunlight, the soil must be dry, not allowed to stagnate. In general, ginseng can only be grown on gentle slopes and dry land near the foothills. In order to avoid dampness, the shrubs in the garden are built to a high level. The shrubs and mats are also used on the pyeongdaons to open the ceiling. As the sun changes, the shrubs can be opened or closed at any time to prevent the ginseng from being exposed to direct sunlight. Ginseng sowing period is from late March to early April, after six years of cultivation can harvest. In these long years, growers must be carefully nursed on a daily basis as ginseng is destroyed in the event of pests and diseases in ginseng gardens.

Korean ginseng is generally not easy to be moth-eaten, but it must be kept dry, covered with white paper when drying, so as to avoid discoloration, which can be sealed in wooden box or porcelain jar for storage. To avoid damp, it should be dried in time, sealed in porcelain collection, to maintain the original color and loss of nutrition. Every rainy season, it is best placed in the refrigerator, can also be stored in the limestone, but not direct contact with quicklime, lime should not be placed too much (about a quarter of the container can be). Due to Korea ginseng over dry, and fragile, resulting in loss. If ginseng is pruning, when eating can be softened with a microwave oven, sliced with a knife and stored.

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