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Dalian sea cucumber

Dalian sea cucumber (Picture 1)


Sea cucumber is a marine echinoderm living in the sea to 8000 meters, has a history of 600 million years ago, sea cucumbers to the sea algae and plankton for food. Sea cucumber covered with thorn body, widely distributed in the oceans of the world. There are more types of shores in China's South China Sea, with about 20 species of sea cucumber available for consumption, of which the sea cucumber is very famous in Dalian. Sea cucumber is the same as ginseng, bird's nest, shark's fin as famous, is one of the world's eight treasures. Sea cucumber is not only a precious food, but also expensive medicines. According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the record: sea cucumber, sweet and salty, kidney, benefit the essence of the photo urine, impotence impotence, its warming, foot enemy ginseng, hence the name sea cucumber. Sea cucumber has to improve memory, delay gonadal aging, prevent atherosclerosis and anti-tumor effect. Sea cucumber's living environment determines the quality of sea cucumber.

Sea cucumber reproduction on Earth earlier than the primitive fish, pre-Cambrian about 600 million years ago began to exist, is the earliest existing biological species, known as the living fossils of the sea. After experiencing several major destruction of the Earth, it survived and witnessed the changes of the earth on several occasions. When the water temperature reached 20 ℃, the sea cucumber will be transferred to the deep sea rock crevices or hidden in the stone bottom, do not eat, the whole body shrink harden, such as spines. General animal will not eat it. It is a summer sleep, wake up until the autumn to resume activities. In order to ensure that the race is not extinct, sea cucumbers have an extraordinary ability to reproduce during the evolution of long-term natural selection. A more than 4 years of adult sea cucumber, in the spring breeding season, an ovulation can be about 5 million. In this way, even if the survival rate is low, but also to ensure the continuation of race.

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